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what cables to connect AVP700 to P1000?


Active Member
Hi, I'm new here and would like some advice. I am just about to buy the AVP700 & P1000. I'm just thinking about how much this will cost to connect together and what is the best method and best cable? Should i use XLR or phono?
Any help appreciated.


Distinguished Member
Unlesss you plan on using particularly long lengths (over 5 metres) then standard phono connectors will be fine. As far as cables I would recommend then I wouod go for the Nordost Blue Heaven which is what we (Seveneoaks Edinburgh) use for our demo setup. This will set you back about £300 for three pairs.


Well-known Member
As crusty had said phonos will be fine but i prefer xlr (here we go again, bring on the criticisms).

It also depends on how deep your wallet is.

I find the nordost to be a tad bright for my liking but the Chords are very well balanced.

If you have a good delaer then he may well lend you some pairs to try. Let your ears do the buying :thumbsup:

What ever you choose i would also recommend going for the same make of speaker cable as they would have been made to fit together (if you know what i mean).


Distinguished Member
I agree with your opinion of the Nordost cable being a bit bright but with Arcam equipment that is a 'bit laid back' it tends to work rather well.


Well-known Member
Crustyloafer said:
I agree with your opinion of the Nordost cable being a bit bright but with Arcam equipment that is a 'bit laid back' it tends to work rather well.

Would consider Arcam being a bit laid back then?

Not wanting to start (another) arguement here just curious on your thoughts.



Standard Member
A "bright" cable now? Crustyloafer, I've really appreciated your posts on here over the past few months, so I ask this with all due respect: you really do believe that a non-damaged interconnect can change sound characteristics (ie. bright vs. warm)? About the only thing a bad cable can do is introduce interference or pick up a hum. A good cable just transmits the signal, it certainly doesn't color it like a pre-amp stage or a DAC.



Distinguished Member
The Nordost cables definitely have their own characteristics. I have done many demonstrations in the store which clearly identify particular characteristics of cables. I don't think we need to take this any further, lets just agree to disagree.


Active Member
I once believed that people who invested more money in cables and said they improved there system sound were suffering from the placebo effect !!

In all reality what is a good cable and how should it sound ??

Now in an about face , I have to definitely agree with Crustyloafer here. Having now tried various cables , some definitely alter characteristics and even smear sound quality - if ever so slighty. All cables seem equal till you start swapping out in a side by side test. What I found is that most cables do sound identical on some speakers (some speakers will not improve no matter what you spend !), but occasionally a certain brand of cable will work in combination with a certain speaker / amp setup and boost or alter its frequency push at the top end or bass drive. All cables rely and are created with varying characteristics, materials, metals and length to produce differing measurements of inductance , capacitance and resistance - all which affect how a signal travels down a wire.

Let your ears ultimately be the judge and if possible in a side by side test.

Nordost are at the top of the league when it comes to the science of making cables - NASA have used them in their Space Shuttle program with out question ! Now to get my hands on some :devil: :devil:


Previously Liam @ Prog AV
I always like the Black Rhodium Illusion with Eichmann plugs on them.

But, I must admit I do stick with something when I like it (which is why we only stock three brands of cable - far less confusing!). I don't have the time to sit down with twenty different manufacturers of cables a audition the lot so couldn't tell you if the Nordost/Chord/Van den Hul/Ixus are better/worse. The Nordost are more expensive though so they'd better be better!!


Well-known Member
Crustyloafer said:
The Nordost cables definitely have their own characteristics. I have done many demonstrations in the store which clearly identify particular characteristics of cables. I don't think we need to take this any further, lets just agree to disagree.

Sorry crusty, not intending on causing stress here. Just putting forward my preferences and opinons thats all. :)


Active Member
Thanks for your help guys, Much appreciated. I'm going to give the Chord Chorus phono's a demo. They seem good and affordable.
Cheers :smashin:


Standard Member
No stress from me... just a different opinion. That's what is interesting about this hobby. There is no right or wrong answer. There are quite a few variables, including psychoacoustics.

Here's a great article about the difference between hearing and perception, and WHY our ears play tricks on us during many of these comparisons: http://www.smr-home-theatre.org/Schneider/

And the most fascinating of all: the infamous amplifier blind comparison by Stereo Review. This is a MUST READ. I mean, it is really interesting hearing how different the results were when they knew what they were hearing and when they didn't. Do yourself a favor and read this:


In case you haven't already guessed, I think this is a very cool topic.



Distinguished Member
Go for the balanced (XLR) option, definitely!


Active Member
Get Mark Grant to make you some Balanced cables for a fraction of the price of a shiny commercial brand :thumbsup: The components used measure superior to most commercial makes :)


Standard Member
I was reading an artical by Peter Aczel, who I respect very much, called "The Ten Biggest Lies in Audio". The #1 lie is "The Cable Lie" and it made me think of this discussion thread. Here is an excerpt:

"It is the
hugest, dirtiest, most cynical, most intelligence-
insulting and, above all, most
fraudulently profitable lie in audio, and
therefore must go to the head of the list.
The lie is that high-priced speaker
cables and interconnects sound better
than the standard, run-of-the-mill (say,
Radio Shack) ones. It is a lie that has
been exposed, shamed, and refuted
over and over again by every genuine
authority under the sun, but the
tweako audio cultists hate authority
and the innocents can’t distinguish it
from self-serving charlatanry.
The simple truth is that resistance,
inductance, and capacitance (R, L, and
C) are the only cable parameters that
affect performance in the range below
radio frequencies. The signal has no
idea whether it is being transmitted
through cheap or expensive RLC. Yes,
you have to pay a little more than rock
bottom for decent plugs, shielding, insulation,
etc., to avoid reliability problems,
and you have to pay attention to
resistance in longer connections. In
basic electrical performance, however,
a nice pair of straightened-out wire
coat hangers with the ends scraped is
not a whit inferior to a $2000 gee-whiz
miracle cable. Nor is 16-gauge lamp
cord at 18¢ a foot. Ultrahigh-priced
cables are the biggest scam in consumer
electronics, and the cowardly
surrender of nearly all audio publications
to the pressures of the cable marketers
is truly depressing to behold."


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