what cables for panasonic px600


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Hi all get my first plasma tomorrow morning hopefull if all goes well delivered. I have seen lots of people asking about what cable and settings inside threads but not getting any replies to question so thought I would start this thread to help fellow newbies like myself.

I have a xbox 360, sky plus and a dvd player. I would ideally like to be able to use the pip say sky plus and 360 at same time?

so what cables do you guys recommend and what socket should it go in and do you have to make any setting changes to either equipment?

Thanks to anyone who helps out on these questions and hopefully others will find this of use.


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Depends what connections you have on the kit.

xbox is best with vga or component cable.

DVD: HDMI or DVI -> HDMI if you can, Component if you cant, then RGB scart or S-Video

Sky plus, not sure sorry, RGB scart or does it offer better?


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hi i have a cheep dvd so its scart only option for that and I would assume same for sky plus.

What i was wondering though is it worth for those 2 devices getting a good quality scart cable and if so any recomendations?


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u need either to use vga or component for high def 360 gaming i would use
xbox360 = vga
dvd player = rgb
sky plus = component


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you use RGB scart, I use QED ones and the picture is amazing from my DVD player. Except on SW EP2 certain scenes I get a purple haze over parts of the picture and also someparts are covered buy a green haze. This repeatable with the same scenes?!?! use the scart lead to ouput svideo or component and the same scenes no longer show the hazes?!?!? whys that?? is RGB scart an interlaced signal?


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Hi all thanks for the replies. So what I am getting here from the above posts is to get the qed scarts for my dvd and sky plus and use component / vga for xbox 360.

Anyone able to advice what model of qed to go for and are they sold in any high st stores? I can only see ixos? in high street stores are they any good?

Thanks in advance


Ixos and qed cables have won lots of 5* awards with "What HI-FI" and got the thumbs up from everybody whos used them (from what i've read)

I ordered Ixos rgb scart and HDMI cable from http://www.futureshop.co.uk/ ....I don't think you can go wrong with either.

I'm expecting delivery of my PX600 this week, so i'll be able to see if all the hype is true :)

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