What cables do you use to connect your AV setup?


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I just replaced a Lektropacks SVHS cable to the IXOS equivalent and was amazed by the difference, it was well worth the £25 I paid for it.

I now need another cable for my Toshiba SD9000 and was wondering whether there was an even better cable out there (SVHS).

I also need a pair of analogue audio interconnects, any suggestions?


After literally years of buying and swapping out various cables, the best solution interms of cost vs. perceived benefits are as follows:

Coaxial digital cable - Ecosse The Producer (oddly, a relatively cheap cable).
VCR/SKY analogue interconnects - Ecosse The Composer (again, comparatively cheap)
RGB SCART lead - Supra AV6

I have only ever used one type of component cable, the Supra AV3, but they work excellently as far as I can see.

If you're after cheap-ish but high performing stereo interconnects (and I can't really see the point of spending TOO much for hooking up the average VCR) then The Composer is a £29 pound, decent solution.


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QED and Ixos are two good mid-range brands of interconnects.

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