What cables do I need



Just planning an extension to the house and trying to get an idea of what cables I need the electrician to install in advance of me installing my new home cinema, this is my first system so please excuse my limited knowledge.
The system I am thinking of putting in is an Infocus 4805 projector, denon 1920 dvd, yamaha 657 amp, sky box and 5.1 speaker system.
The dvd, amp, sky box, and sub will all be in the same rack so can sort the cabling between these items later.
It is the remote cables that I am interested in, I assume that each of the 5 speakers will each require a cable but not sure what I would need to be install to the projector.
I am hoping the builder can install hidden trunking in the walls so it may be possible to add cables in the future however it would be nice to have all eventualities covered on thei nitial installation.

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