What Cables and How Long?


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Hi Guys, I'm hoping someone can help.

I am in the process of refurbing a room in my house and have the oportunity to insert all my cabling into the stud wall that will connect to my new 32" LCD when I get it (Not decided on which one yet).

Here is my dilemna.

At the moment, I have Sky Digital in the room, which has to be connected to the screen (It's the Panasonic box and only has Scart and Rf outputs), but I will also be connecting my new HTPC to this screen as well which will be playing all my DVD's, CD's, games, internet etc.

What I need to know is, what cables do I need to insert into my wall and how long can I make them?

The LCD will be HD Ready, so it should have DVI/HDMI connectors, but I also need to make allowances for if/when I decide to upgrade my Sky to the new HD version if/when it comes out.

The reason why I need to know how long I can make them, is that it is not ideal to have the boxes near where the screen is, and there could well be 10-12 feet between them.

Will I lose any picture quality if I have a Scart lead that long?
What if I connected my Sky box to my HTPC through an analogue tuner, will I lose quality of picture that way?

Can anyone help me please?

Thanks in advance.


If you are building the stud wall why not lay a lenght of tube/pipe in it instead with a way out the top by the back of the screen and at the bottom near the floor.
That way you can feed whatever cables you need when you need them and makes it easier to change them at a later date

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