What cable do I need?


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Quick question on what I need and if this is possible.

I have a wall Socket for Tv and sky communal dish In my flat. I have a male to male cable that connects the tv to the wall socket to get free view. I have a technics HD350 system that has a standard fm aerial that came with it. It states 75 ohm on the technics.

I have seen that you can get a duplexer which will allow me to connect the FM lead through the wall plate for a better signal. Whilst still being able to have the tv connected to wall plate.

I was trying to work out what lead I need as I think it would be FM to male and then a duplexer for the wall socket. The current FM lead I have is just a grey plastic bit that plugs into the radio and has a black wire.

Any help would be appreciated and I think it would improve the FM signal and also look tidier.



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Normally you would only use a duplex splitter when an FM aerial signal has been multiplexed into the downfeed that comes into your flat. The idea is that the FM and the UHF signals are both fed into a multiplexer at the head end, combined (multiplexed) and sent down one cable. Then by using duplex splitter you can separate the two signals back out and feed them to their respective devices.

So unless your flat also has an FM Aerial fitted into the communal (S)MATV system it is unlikely that a duplex splitter will help you.

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