What budget am I looking at for this type of HD-flatscreen?



My TV started acting funny at the weekend (just about the same time my gf's 12-year-old sister got to it... hmm...): It detuned and convinced itself it was a widescreen TV. I got the channels back but I can't make it show non-4:3 DVDs without it stretching the picture vertically a bit. Not a drastic problem but annoying.

It's a Goodmans 28" set, doubt any of you would have it let alone experienced the same problem, but just posting it out of hope ;-).

So if I was to get a flatscreen to go with my XBox 360, how much would I be looking at spending?

It should be HD-Ready, 30" or larger, have at least two rgb scarts and a HD-input, and either a non-upscaling mode or a decent-enough upscaler that the PS2/GC games don't become unplayable.

I don't need fancy speakers (or in fact any at all if it's got stereo-out) or a swanky stand. Bells and whistles like P-in-P and digital tuners are nice but unnecessary.

The lower the price the more chance of getting it past Her, but at the same time it has to be nice enough to last four years or so. I've seen some shocking flatscreens in Tescos and don't want to be left ruing not spending that extra few hundred.

Plus; should I go for an LCD or a Plasma? Neither have real burn-in issues anymore do they?

Any tips or hints for good gaming tellys would be nice too.

Cheers fellas,


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In my opinion you get what you pay for so don't go just for the cheapest set you can find.
If you are after something just for 360 then a 32" Samsung LCD would be ideal and set you back between £800/850 if you shop around.
However, if it is for your front room I would advise you to spend a bit more and go for something like a Panasonic LCD which might cost up to £1100.This might seem a bit much but if it is your main TV it will be worth it.
Burn in can still be an issue with plasmas plus a HD ready plasma of any quality will cost you a lot more.Also, most plasmas are 37" and upwards.For a 32" you are really looking for a LCD.

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