What box of tricks do I need?


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I have used the RF2 out on my SKY+ to pipe sky to another room.

The 'other' room has a Denon amp and a projector which have no RF inputs.

Is there a box of tricks I can purchase which will take a RF signal and convert to composite or the like so I can connect to the projector?

(I appreciate this is exactly what a TV/Video could do - but can I just buy a box that does this?)

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Chris Muriel

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What you want doesn't really exist as it is a TV (or VCR) without a screen .
A spare TV or even a cheap portable (50 quid or less these days) will do what you want.
The only convertors I have seen (basically TV tuners + baseband demodulators) are very expensive 19-inch rack mount studio boxes.

Chris Muriel, Manchester.


You can run s-video and sound via co-axial cables (phono cables) over quite long distances with minimal degradation.

The Zinwell PV200 will convert RF modulated channels to composite video, s-video or VGA (with sound), but it's not cheap at £84.99. You can get it from Keene Electronics
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