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What Blu Ray are best to show off PS3 system


Active Member
There are quite a few of these 3 for 2 deal on blu ray and I wanted to know which are the best films to show off the PS3 HD? Which films will have that WOW factor on Blu Ray?



Novice Member
I would recommend Casino Royale, the Pirates of the Caribbean films and Apocalypto. Spiderman 3 as well.


Novice Member
Starship Troopers Looks superb and even if you don't like the movie it's worth having to demonstrate the full benefits of high definition.


Well-known Member
Spider Man 3
Fifth Element (Re-mastered)
Blade Runner

Depends on your taste though :smashin:



Active Member
I like action sort of films like speed, twister, day after tomorrow etc and harry potter blah blah blah.

I have casino Royale, 300 and Xmen already. What are the Potters like in Blu Ray?


Distinguished Member
The later Potter's possess excellent video quality....and if you like Day After Tomorrow then hunt it down, great disc too :)

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