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    I'm probably going to get a Panny TH-42PHD7, as I can get one for £1995 from a friend / dealer. (and yes I've been scared about some of the reviews)

    I could do with some help sorting out what inputs would be best.

    Currently have Sky
    DVD player (not progressive scan yet, but may upgrade one day)
    Like also to connect DV camcorder at some point

    Was also looking at http://www.hiddenspeakers.com/product/345
    as I have a couple of CCTV cameras in the children's rooms that still need good old fashioned UHF connections.

    I also do a bit of video editing and my PC has a DVI output connector on its video board, and it may be nice to connect this (using the DVI allows the edited film to run on this connector and the software to still run on the PC screen)

    Your thoughts are much appreciated.

    I'm starting to go slightly mad reading all the threads and dreaming of plasma's... :confused:


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