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What Bi wiring/Standard speaker cable for my setup?


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Hi Guys

I have a new Yamaha 765 AV reciever that i will be:
1)Bi-wiring the front speakers Q Acoustics 2020 ,
2)Standard wiring for the centre speaker Q Acoustics 2000C and the rear speakers Q Acoustics 2010 -
....wanted to find out what single and B wiring speaker cable woul be best for this setup?
(and what connectors are best /best type of conector to use)


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I have a similar setup. I have Legacy Focus mains which are bi-wire capable with 3-12" woofer, 2-7" mids and two tweeters/speaker. I have my subs connected to a Yamaha M-65 (170W/ch) and the mid/tweets connected to the main channels on my Sony STR-DA5300ES receiver.

For your setup, I wouldn't go crazy on cables. I use Audioquest GR8 for all the receiver speaker cables and a pair of Monster THX wires for the subs. I believe I paid $90/ea for the Audioquests (12ft) and $75 for three of the Monster THX (also 12ft), so relatively cheap for manufactured cables. Go on ebay, there's nothing wrong with used cables. You can also use 12ga speaker wire from Home Depot, Radio Shack ... for subs and not notice too much difference. I use banana connectors for easy configuration since I change my hardware frequently, but some like spade connectors better. It just a matter of prefference.

Good Luck


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Personally I would not bother biwiring the fronts as it will give no benefits over a decent single speaker wire. Biamping will give some benefits but not biwiring. Just replace the metal jumper on the speakers with a bit of speaker cable.
Any speaker cable 2.5mm or greater will be fine. If you really want to biwire then just eun 2 single speaker cables to each speaker. Most biwire cable seems quite expensive. Where as you can buy a reel of normal speaker cable and then just make 2 runs to each cable which will be cheaper.


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There is wire specifically made for bi-wiring with four conductors in each wire.

Whether you go with this or standard wire, the recommendations are usually the same. Get good real speaker wire in the price range of £1 to £2 per meter, or near double that for four wire bi-wire cable.

Next, get wire and cable in proportion to the rest of you equipment. If you have a £500 system, it makes not sense to spend another £500 on wire. Must better to just get a better system. However, if you have £5,000 or £50,000 in you system, £500 on wire and cable is not out of line.

Next, if you are just focusing on your front and center, those runs are very short. And being short, even if you go for the wire pairs in the £5 to £10 per meter range, you are not going to break the bank. But, I don't really think it makes sense to run premium wire to the rear surrounds, that is excess expense that could be better put to work somewhere else.

So, there is a degree of judgment call on your part. You have to determine your priorities and decide on what your budget is.

Though this is not all the good wire, it represents some of the more common wires of dependable quality -

and many others.

I think you can just let your wallet be your guide.


Also, though for most users 1.5mm² wire is good enough, most go with 2.5mm², it is not that much more money.

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