What benefits of ProgScan on CRT TV ?

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    is there any benefit to having progressive scan on a CRT TV in Europe ?
    I know there aren't many models (Panasonic Tau and the new Hitachi... and someone here mentioned the VGA module in a Loewe) and you obviously need a Progressive Scan source and Region 1 NTSC DVD's (or if you have a player which can do PAL)
    but what does it really bring ?

    Does it give better resolution ? (NTSC Prog Scan would be 480P, right ?)
    or mainly to reduce flicker (which should already be pretty good on a 100Hz Loewe TV ?).

    If there's no real benefit, then my next TV will probably be a Loewe Vitros, as I'm also striving to eliminate motion effects.
    What are the TV's which properly support it ? (The Hitachi review talks about pseudo Progressive Scan)

    I saw some HD TV's at a LINN dealer in Houston, US this year, with the ARCAM FMJ in Prog scan mode on Toshiba RPTV... stunning !

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    The Yanks have High Definition TV, we've got Sky Digital:rolleyes: go figure!

    Reducing motion artifacts is one benefit of progressive scan. I'm a big fan of prog scan sources (and de-interlacers) for use with projectors, I certainly think the differences are clearly visable. On conventional tubed TVs I'm less convinced it is worth the effort.

    Progressive scan will do nothing to reduce 50 or 60Hz image flicker. It will reduce line twitter and combing. For more details of progressive scan go to

    Prog Scan info

    Thanks to Sam Wiley for discovering this.


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