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Hi everyone,

I would really appreciate some advice on a new surround system for my living room.

Basically I'm looking for a slim av receiver (<70mm high) and speakers under £300


My setup at present is as follows:

- Xbox running XBMC (video out RGB or component, audio out optical tos link)
- Topfield PVR (video out RGB or component, audio out optical tos link)
- Sony (Old) TV - one RGB scart input

(planning on upgrading to LCD TV soon to take advantage of component sources)

The main and annoying constraint that I have is size. My entertainment unit only has two slots and these are now taken up by both the xbox and topfield (slots aren't wide enought for a 43cm unit anyway). There is a space under the enterment unit about 70mm high where I am looking to put a slim line av receiver or alternatively I've looked at all in one systems (amp + decoder + speakers) which have the amplifier in the sub and then a small control centre that can just sit on top.

Basically my budget is £300 tops (I'm not looking for the best of the best) for both speakers and av receiver. I've done a lot of online research online. To begin I was looking for an all in one system and tried and return a couple (Logitech z-5450 and Yamaha TSS-15).

I'm now looking further into the possibility of a slim av receiver and have done loads of research on this. There appeared to be a lot of them around a while back e.g. JVC RX-F10 and Panny SAXR45 that had some great reviews. These models have been superceded now by larger ones and they won't fit!!!!

Can anyone recomend ANY decent slim av receiver that fits my requirements. Please......

Many thanks in advance.


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Unfortunately a new AV rack is not an option. I've already seen the Samsung on Richer Sounds but it only switches composite video signals.

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I might be able to get hold of a second hand JVC XR-F10. Does anyone have any experience of this amp, should I avoid it? What speakers might they recommend?
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