What audio do AVRs output?


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I thought it worth @Conrad posting this to all to see if anyone knows the answer:

There must be someone with AVRs close enough together to test.

I have a few Denon models in the house but it'll be a while before I could get two together. And also this could be specific to certain AVRs who knows?


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They can theoretically passthrough whatever they are receiving via HDMI. What limits this is the capabilities and the EDID of the device you are passing the audio out to. You should be able to get the exact same audio as output via the source audio if the end destination device is able to handle that format or type of audio?

Note that if you've an AVR that allows you to both passthrough and portray the same audio then the least capable device it is reading the EDIDs of will determine what the source can output. If the end destination device is less able than the AV receiver then it will determine what you'd get onboard the AVR is passing sudio through the AVR and out to that device via HDMI.

I've a second AV receiver in another room that I use the second HDMI zone capabilities of my main room model to send a signal to. I can select an entirely different source than that selected for the main room for the second zone.

Note that many AV receivers will not simultaneously processm, amplify and portray the audio signal if you set their HDMI settings to an option that would passthrough audio via their conventional HDMI outputs. Yamaha still facilitate this, but Denon/Marantz do not. Many of the HIgher tier Denon and Marantz models do have second zone HDMI outputs though.
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I need to get thinking then! thank you @dante01 and have a great weekend.

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