What are your views on cinema prices?

What are your views on cinema prices?

  • The prices don’t bother me – I go as often as suits

    Votes: 106 14.9%
  • The prices don’t bother me but I don’t go because it’s too far

    Votes: 14 2.0%
  • The prices don’t bother me but I don’t go because my home cinema is better

    Votes: 99 13.9%
  • The prices don’t bother me – I’m just not interested in watching movies

    Votes: 8 1.1%
  • I go as often as I can even though I think the prices are too high

    Votes: 49 6.9%
  • The prices are too much but I go anyway for exceptional movies

    Votes: 301 42.4%
  • I never go because it’s too expensive

    Votes: 58 8.2%
  • I don’t go to the movies for other reasons

    Votes: 75 10.6%

  • Total voters


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Wheres me bucket (oink oink !)
seriously tho, have to take the kids out sometimes, the cost of tickets is expensive, factor in the cost of parking, eats etc and i dont get much change out of £40!
so cant really afford it too often


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I agree with the majority of the comments here.

Prices not bad for the time - £6 for 2 hours at cinema compared with £20-£30 for 2 hours at a footy match etc.?

But, food and drink overpriced ( and I'm not tight - I just don't like getting ripped off :nono: ).

Picture quality normally rubbish.

no beer for two hours :rotfl:

Too many unsuppervised urchins :(

Too many people with not enough consideration/respect for other people.

Home cinema kit now good enough value to have the 'home cinema' experience, well, in the comfort and convenience of your own home...:thumbsup:


Prices are too high, however I see at least one film a week on Orange Wednesday which makes the price much more bearable.

Also, Cinema's need to embrace Digital screenings and get their acts together. How many times have you seen a film at the cinema and thought 'I can't wait to get this on DVD to really appreciate the quality' ?? Experiencing most films at the Cinema is like watching them through a sand storm. The sound is hit and miss depending on the particular cinema and the staff don't seem to care or understand. That coupled with moronic parents who don't control their kids, teenagers who text their mates while the film is showing and hang their legs over the top of your seat, can make for an thoroughly annoying experience. So it's understandable why people don't go.

However, having been a cinema goer since I was little, I persevere. Thankfully the good times outweigh the bad. Find a Cinema with a good sized screen and a decent consistent sound system, and then hang onto it for dear life.


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I live only a couple of minutes from my local Showcase cinemas (Walsall), so getting there only take about 5 minutes, tops. The downside to this is, it's a really crappy cinema...I can't really begin to guess at the amount of times I've had things go wrong in there; kids, mobile phones, general prats in the room, snapped film, BURNT film, no projection - only sound, projection on the ceiling, incorrect aspect ratio, incorrectly thread film into the projector, sound too quiet, having people talking through the film, uncomfortable seats, and all of this on top of the ticket prices ever so slightly going up without the customers noticing.

...and still, through all this, I go every weekend.

I could drive to the Star City in Birmingham, but with the repairs to the M6, getting there is a slow process, half the time, so it makes it a pain in the arse to get there - that, and including the fact that it's even more expensive than Showcase (£6 upwards, these days!), but the picture and sound quality is far superior, so I usually go there if it's an 'event' movie.

What can I say? I'm a glutton for punishment. :devil:


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I feel the price for a cinema ticket is fair given comparable prices for other activities. However, the real rip-off is for food and drink where they charge extortinate amounts for what is not very good quality fodder.

I do go less and less to the cinema these days as the experience is often not a good one (people talking; kids throwing popcorn etc). To this end I haven't been to the cinema once this year so far!


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Been to the cinema twice in the last 20 years, and have vowed never to go again. Simple question, Why are people unable to go without food or drink, with the inevitable trip to the toilet, for three hours?


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PoochJD said:

- Prices too high.
- Picture quality not great, even with brand-new films just released.
- Too many people using mobile phones, despite warnings.
- People eating smelly disgusting food and/or noisy bags of sweets.
- People chatting or holding conversations during the movie.
- People putting their feet up on seats.
- Kids (in general)!
- The films I want to see, often aren't shown outside of specialist cinemas in London or other major cities.
- Films I want to see aren't shown frequently enough, for me to get a chance to see them.
Yes, but apart from that, what's the problem? ;)

I complained in writing last time I went to our Cineworld in Wakefield - picture was blurred and sound not great. Got 4 free tickets for the trouble! They claimed that the screens are checked every half hour for proper focus... :eek:


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VMAX said:
Been to the cinema twice in the last 20 years, and have vowed never to go again. Simple question, Why are people unable to go without food or drink, with the inevitable trip to the toilet, for three hours?

EXACTLY! They come in with 5 litres of Pepsi or some other watered down drink and a huge bucket of popcorn or large bag of individually wrapped (and thats important) sweets which they try to unwrap quietly during the film thus taking twice as long to get the damn thing out of the wrapper.

And as others have said, soft focus / low volumes / fools who cant seem to get to the cinema in time for the start / incontinents / chatterboxes / chavs / telephones / car theft / car damage / parking fees.................... the list goes on.

John Barrow

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My main problem is that the quality of the experience in Lincolnshire Theaters is rubbish. At these prices, you should get a premium sound/picture experience to differentiate from the home experience. As the home experience improves, so does the cinema.

I was blown away in Florida (outside Disney Downtown) watching the digital picture and awesome sound for Star Wars II. I would pay a premium to see a film with this quality of equipment.

Cinema experiences in this country are visably poor by comparison and so my home cinema experience wins every time. Some screens aren't even in DD 5.1 yet!

They will probably tempt me back once they provide a measurable difference to the home experience.


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I only go to the cinema on 2 for 1 "Orange Wednesdays" as the prices are too high now. Perhaps I'm in a minority though :D


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We have a cineworld (was UGC) which is about £5 and the most comfy cinema I've even been in so I don't mind the price. All that bothers me is the price of food & drinks. surely if they really drop the prices they may not make much more money but you will have alot more satisfied customers. I myself NEVER buy from them! take all my own in bags ata a quarter of the cost!


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Although the potential is there for all these bad things (chavs, talkers, phones etc), I think, if you avoid these, the cinema is unbeatable! One thing I tend to do is wait until the film has been out a while and then the cinema will be quieter, hence less noise etc. I rarely have a problem when I go to be honest, which is reasonably often. :)

But yeah, when idiots are in there, it is very annoying... makes you wonder why they bother going to the cinema if they just want to talk. Wouldn't it be easier to go their local off license, hang around there with some white lightning? Wonders will never cease.


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Prices dont overly bother me but the main problems is the fact that the 3 cinemas near me are awful - one has seats that kills your arse and no air conditioning, another the picture was out of focus and sound was out of synch and the third had picture problems and was simply grotty.

There is a decent one but it is 30 minutes drive away (so no drinking after), it is in a shopping centre so there is too much pressure from the misses to go shopping first and there is a Nandos which whilst great isnt great for the diet.


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I'm curious, I didn't see this mentioned in the thread. Do none of you have cinemas with Gold Class?

Our local cinema (well, 20 mile round trip) has 3 Gold Class screens. There are about 50 seats in each screen (they are normal size cinema screens though) and every seat is a lay-z-boy with electric recliner/footrests. The seats are joined in pairs, with a small wooden table thing between them. Outside the screens is a small, private gold class "lounge" that serves alcohol + anything else (no alcohol is served anywhere else in the cinema complex). You also get as much free popcorn as you want.

If there's a movie I really want to see in the cinema then we go and watch it there. It's quiet, comfortable, spacious, and if people get up and walk around they don't really spoil your view.

What's the catch? It's about £14 a ticket.


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That sounds great!

No chavs I bet.

Ed Selley

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Stuart Kirby said:
Although the potential is there for all these bad things (chavs, talkers, phones etc), I think, if you avoid these, the cinema is unbeatable! One thing I tend to do is wait until the film has been out a while and then the cinema will be quieter, hence less noise etc. I rarely have a problem when I go to be honest, which is reasonably often. :)
Amen to that. The Cineworld in Milton Keynes, is £6.60 for a normal show, I have no sweet tooth so can easily avoid the counter and after 6pm the parking is free. As such the pricing is not too bad IMO. The Odeon under the Point is what I envisage hell being like however. The Mrs has an unlimited pass which considering how oftern she goes is good value for her. As someone that has always been more of a fan of music than films, I go far less often but consider the pricing to be OK :).


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I have a UGC (now Cineworld) unlimited card so prices don't bother me. £11 a month to watch as many films you like, when you like!

to be honest my living room setup is better!

the sound is better, with more rumbling bass lol and i get the perfect seat.

however i like the atmosphere and the munchies etc, allthou the prices for sweets etc is the main offputting factor for me


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I think it's rpetty cheap as far as ticket prices go. food/drink is foul (although I love fizzy cola bottles as much as the next man) & too expensive.

Having young kids prevents me going more often than once a year really.

But when I do go (Vue in Staines) it's very good as long as you go to a late show, no talking brats, good picture & sound, excellent seats.
Esher has a good "retro" screen where you can buy beer too.


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I don't go to the movies that often, mainly due to all of the reasons already mentioned (noisey kids, smells, lack of good seat postion), however if I do really want to go and see a film I'll do it at around 4pm when the kids have just finished school and are still stuffing their tea down their gullets. That way the cinema is virtually empty, I have the choice of seating and get to enjoy the film without being disturbed. It's also a bit cheaper as it's before 5pm, around 3.75 for the film at Cineworld.
If I want some sweets to eat I just get them from Asda to save money. I've even seen some people come in with a Big Mac meal :rotfl:

Most of the time though I wait for the DVD release. That way all the family can watch it in the comfort of our home cinema room, although that doesn't get me away from the chit chat and the "who's that", "whats happening" throughout the film :nono: :D

Kingston LJ

The Cinema should have a nice atmosphere, be very comfortable, and reasonable value for money.

Sadly.. Cinemas are mainly cold clinical places, with little ambience, and in no way satisfying. The prices are too high for what is a less than joyous experience.

Cinema's need to be designed better, with more comfort, nicer interior design, and less trailers, more affordable snacks, and cheaper tickets!

As it is, I'm happy to buy a big screen and watch dvd's!


A couple of years ago, I used to go every Sunday night. It didn't matter what the films were to a certain extent because of the experience. I do enjoy the cinema experience the size of the screen, the sound. The number of experiences that people talk about are all very stereotypical of a Friday night at the movies on a big opener. If people like films, REALLY like film and want to go to the cinema, try Sunday night with a viewing time of 9 onwards. The most trouble I had in about 4 years was someone smoking a joint!


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The tickets are over priced, the food is over priced.

Why spend anything upto £15 for 2 people to go to the cinema, when if i wait a few months, i can get the DVD for the same price, and if i don't like it, can simply sell the DVD on.

Dynaudio Desire

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I dont mind the cinema apart form the pooey picture and people who constantly laugh or talk.

However I remember going once and the guy next to me was eating this huge bag of Walkers Salt & Vinegar crisps and all I could smell was vinegar....UGH...Put me right off my expensive popcorn and sweets and I didnt generally go for a whilst after that occurance.

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