What are your Top 10 movies?

Kotatsu Neko

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We're all big movie fans here and will have seen thousands of them over the years, but how many of us have ever put together a top 10? I'm not talking the top 10 objectively "best" movies, but your own personal Top 10. The last 10 movies you'd watch if you knew an asteroid was headed our way and you only had a few days left. Nostalgia will play a big part, and the choices will be completely unashamedly subjective. In short, the top 10 movies which you love and always will, and when the credits roll you look forward to the next time you'll start it up again.

It's a surprisingly hard list to write!

For me, I'm going with this list, and I make no apologies for it being so 80s centric, it was a great decade!

1 - Blade Runner
2 - Back to the Future
3 - Raiders of the Lost Ark
4 - Jaws
5 - Empire Strikes Back
6 - Ghostbusters
7 - Die Hard
8 - The Thing
9 - Star Wars
10 - Akira
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My size isn't really relevant to how avid a fanatic I am of these:


All in UHD except Event Horizon, which I do have the collector's edition UHD on pre-order


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Damn this is very hard...... changed about 5 films so far!

1 - Predator
2 - Saving Private Ryan
3 - Gladiator
4 - Last Samurai
5 - Matrix
6 - Troy
7 - Shawshank Redemption
8 - Godfather
9 - Die Hard
10 - Goodfellas

And have left out Star Wars, Empire, Back to the Future, Godfather 2, Raiders, Jaws, Green Mile, Die Hard 2, Sicario, Terminator & T2, Alien & Aliens, Pulp Fiction, Apocalypse Now, Se7en, Maverick & Nolans Batman Trilogy! Could have made a top 30 without any real thinking!


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I started to list them & realized I had the 'list' at my fingertips, so I strolled across the room & picked up the ones I bought.
If I didn't love them, I wouldn't have purchased them in UHD.

Captain Ron

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Based purely on number of times watched over the years it would have to be these.

Top 5 (unchanging)
Aliens Director's Cut.
Bladerunner Director's Cut
The Time Machine(original)
The Day The Earth Stood Still(original)

6-10. Could change daily but right now i'll go for these off the top of my head.
Raiders 1 (or maybe 3)
Shawshank Redemption


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Top 3

Pulp Fiction
A Matter of Life and Death

4-10 TBC


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Not in order...

Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy
The Untouchables
The Thing
The Big Lebowski
The Remains of the Day
No Country for Old Men
Mississippi Burning
The Godfather Part II
Blade Runner 2049
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The Wizard of Oz
Planet of the Apes (original)
The Ten Commandments
Evil Dead 2
Pulp Fiction
The Empire Strikes Bak
Star Wars Rogue One


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Blade Runner
Taxi Driver
Raiders of the Lost Ark
Lord of the Rings trilogy
The Exorcist
Apocalypse Now
The Big Lebowski


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The absolute state of no-one mentioning Top Gun Maverick yet. Hang your heads in shame :D
I said I could of added it, nearly made it, but not quite.


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Just about impossible to list a 10.

Top 3

Might revisit in a month when i’ve though of another 7 :D


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I could have done 9 from each genre, but I grabbed another batch from the shelf.
Some of these I own a physical copy as well as on MoviesAnwhwere. I have the physical copy of Goodfellas for he commentary track.


Almost included Midnight Cowboy or Deliverance, which I got for the incredible price of $3/each.
Deliverance has a great commentary track as well.


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Too recent! Let's see your top ten then.. Mostly 80's methinks!

I think everyone knows my Top 10 by now.

1. Top Gun Maverick
2. Top Gun
3. Moonraker
4. Top Gun Maverick
5. Top Gun
6. Moonraker
7. Top Gun Maverick
8. Top Gun
9. Moonraker
10. Escape from LA


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I haven't seen Escape from Louisiana, but that seems interesting.


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My list changes as often as Queen Amidala, apart from a few immovables. Today, in no particular order:

2001 A Space Odyssey
The Good the Bad & The Ugly
The Elephant Man
The Fly
Boogie Nights
Donnie Darko
Casino Royale

I’m sure there are other ‘top 10 films’ threads but I guess one more won’t hurt.


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i have a constant changing top.5...... mostly though they are a mixture of films which are pure fudgeing perfection and stuff that brings me happy memories...

1. Bruce Lee movies - ok there is a few but i count as 1 - Enter the Dragon/Fist of Fury are probably my most seen.

2. The Blues Brothers

3. Aliens

4. Ferris Buellers Day Off

5. Predator

notable modern mentions to Winter Soldier and The Dark Knight though.


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1. Alien
2. Night of The Demon (aka Curse of The Demon)
3. The Shining
4. Blade Runner
5. Jaws
6. This is Spinal Tap
7. Taxi Driver
8. A Clockwork Orange
9. Oldboy
10. The Big Lebowski

...probably... :p
So hard to narrow it down!


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Blade Runner
Blade Runner 2049
The Big Lebowski
LOTR trilogy
Terminator 2
The War of the Roses
Eyes Wide Shut
Annie Hall

As has been stated here many a time, it's damn tricky trying to narrow it down...

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