Question What are your thoughts about Pioneer Elite SC-LX502?


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Hello, All, newbie here!

First, I just wanna say "Thanks!" to the kind and smart folks that provide this wonderful website and for allowing me to join; I feel blessed!:)

So, I bought a Pioneer Elite SC-LX502 the other day even though I don't know much (at all) about audio equipment and intend to pretty much just use it to listen to music and radios programs, though maybe down the road I might see what sort of fun it can be by hooking it up to the TV.

Just a few minutes ago I saw an article where someone said that said Pioneer isn't that great of a product these days due to merging with Onkyo back in 2015, and so I would be curious to know what some of you more knowledgeable folks might have to say about that (as now I'm wondering if maybe I made a not-so-good purchase)?

I was also wondering if you might be able to recommend some decent speakers for it? I live in a two-bedroom apartment and don't wish to make the neighbors made with loud music but would like to get some sensible speakers that will match-up well with it and produce some really nice sound. So any suggestions you might have would be much appreciated!

Lastly, I would like to know if you think Sennheiser HD-650 headphones would work well with this particular Pioneer? (I have my name in over at Massdrop to try and snag a pair for $200 even though I'm not even sure how that actually works, btw.)

I'm very much looking forward to the 11th of this month as that's when Best Buy says they'll have it at my doorstep. And FWIW, they're currently selling them for $599.00, should any of you be interested in getting one.

I thank you in advance for your time and comments, if any!
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The SC-LX502's primary role is that of processing and then amplifying multichannel surround audio of a kind you'd ordinarily associate with movie soundtracks and or some TV content. If you were after stereo performance then you'd have got better value for your money by buying a more dedicated stereo integrated amplifier as opposed to a multichannel AV receiver.

What has been related to you about Pioneer AV receivers being more Onkyo than Pioneer is true and Pioneer did give over their AV receiver division to Onkyo, but you still get the D Class amplification Pioneer receivers gained their notoriety for with models from the 502 upward. I think the same issues previously associated with the Pioneer signature sound are still prevalent, this being their bias towards the clinical which some suggest makes them sound bright. It is for this reason that it is often suggested not to partner them with speakers that also posses a bright or clinical signature sound and to try use more neutral sounding speakers in order to try soften the audio.

Are you wanting to add a 5.1 surround sound speaker package or are you simply wanting a pair of stereo speakers?


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Thanks, folks for the fast and friendly replies, I appreciate it!

Well, after I posted my post in here I took my tired mind over to Amazon and pulled the trigger on some bookshelf speakers called Klipsch R-15M. They got very good reviews over there and I thought, "What the hey; I'll go with them!"

I guess this old boy messed up and should have come here first to get proper advice. Live and learn.:-(

Like I mentioned in my opening post, I might later on down the road decide to hook all of this stuff up to the TV it's just that these days I'm really digging on the 1960s and '70s music videos on Youtube and so to quote Inspector Harry Callahan, I thought I'd "take a chance" and step up in the world with something that might sound even better (even though it sounds like I might have shot myself in the foot in this instance).

By the way, a couple of months ago I bought off Amazon a unit called Como Audio Musica and sent it back for a refund 'cause the sound wasn't nearly as good as all of the reviews there suggested it was. (I had a Bose Wave some years ago that I liked very much and some of the "reviewers" at Amazon said the Musica sounded as good or even better, which just was not true.)

Unless this Pioneer sounds like garbage or is defective, I intend to keep it and let it pour some sweet music into the walls of this rather boring place and see if it'll remove some of the melancholy me and my cat Tootsie feel around here.

I again thank you both for your time and suggestions and if you have an opinion on the speakers I bought for this soon-to-be-here Pioneer I'd be happy to hear them. Take care and have a great day!

P.S. trevdigital, I will for sure check out that link; thanks much for providing it!!!

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