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What are your PC specs and what do you use it for!


Standard Member
Hi I just wanted to get an idea of what sort of specs your computers have and get in idea of what you use it for.

My PC build consists of;
Processor: Intel i5 quadcore 4670k 4th gen
Motherboard: (i did have one but its faulty so im looking for a new one) when it was working i had a Gigabyte B85-HD3
RAM: 16 GB 4x4GB Corsair Vengance
PSU: Corsiar 600M
GPU: Asus Nvidia Geforce 650ti
HDD or SSD: 1Tb WD green drive - 128 GB SanDisk SSD
Network: TP-Link TL-WDN3800 N600 Wireless Dual Band PCI Express Adapter
Case: NZXT phantom 410

When it was working my main use for this system was music production and video editing along with some small amounts of gaming.


Distinguished Member
i7 4770k
GTX 780
16gb ram
Asus Maximus VI MB
Corsair 750w psu
Corsair 750d case
500gb Samsung EVO ssd
2 TB Seagate Hardrive

PC only used for gaming, plus the standard browsing, youtubes, porn etc :)


Distinguished Member
i7 4770k
Gigabyte Z87-HD3
7950 twin frozr 3
8GB Corsair xms3
OCX 500w psu
CM Elite 335 case
Seagate 500GB barracuda
Seagate 480GB ssd
Arcam rPac usb DAC

Gaming, music, internet etc

Remember this is the gaming forum. Weirdly that is this sections main use lol


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Spec in sig.

Gaming and powering my USB toaster.


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i only posted it in this section rather than the general PC section since i was wondering what other PC gamer use their rigs for other than gaming...


Well-known Member
For my spec see sig below.

As well as gaming - I use mine for streaming HD content and encoding, Blu-Ray ripping and encoding, video/photo editing, as a media server and general computing tasks. TBH - although it does all this very well - I intend to build a HTPC to share some of these tasks as I frequently have to reconfigure the PC for different uses.

I wouldn't be without an i7 for encoding, ripping and editing. So - if you can - upgrade your CPU to an i7 it makes a big difference.


Active Member
I just built my first pc

I5 4670k
Asus gtx760 mini gpu
Bitfenix Prodigy case
Gigabyte H87n wifi M/board
Team Vulcan orange 8gig memory
Noctua heatsink
crucial 240 gig ssd

main reason was for moderate steam gaming machine, I do other things as well like net stuff, photo/video editing and ripping/re-encoding bought movies and tv series for my nas streaming to a dune 3d media player.


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Mines mainly used for attempting world domination and powering a 100 Megawatt disco ball

Sega Mega Dave

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Distinguished Member
C'mon people let's not snipe with personal insults ... again ... it's getting a bit tedious. Again.

Bemused One

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For the last year or so I've been using a system with the following:-

Fractal Core 1000 Case
Intel Core i3 530
Gigabyte H55M-UD2H
4GB Corsair XMS3 RAM
64GB Samsung 830 SSD
500W Akasa PSU

Used for internet and e-mail.

Thought I'd give the thread some balance being at the low end of the spec chain. :p
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Theydon Bois

Distinguished Member
i only posted it in this section rather than the general PC section since i was wondering what other PC gamer use their rigs for other than gaming...

Like the old chestnut, "...up here for finking, down there for dancing.." I have a PC for gaming, a HTPC for HTPC stuff, Macbook for browsing and ripping (IVI + Handbrake) iPad for reading comics, Kindle for reading books....

Tim Bisley

Active Member
i72600K, 16gb ram, 780, used for Games, animation, video editing and porn.

I've curbed my spending on my PC recently after buying a 780 and playing mostly Hotline Miami and super meatboy afterwards :facepalm::D

And i also took my Noctua's out as i realised I like the noise of my cheap fans to cover my tinnitus


Distinguished Member
i72600K, 16gb ram, 590

Games, Virtual Box, Photoshop / Lightroom / Email / Browsing / Web Development etc.

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