What are your Ideas for Multi Room Audio, Video & PC and possible Home Automation

Discussion in 'Home Cinema Buying & Building' started by illingworth22, Jun 17, 2009.

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    I recently moved countries and after renting for 3 years I am considering buying a house here in Dublin.
    Now the house will need some work (kitchen & bathroom) and while this is being done I thought I would get ready at least for multi Room audio & TV as well as PC.
    I currently have the following equipment:-
    2 x 40" Sony LCD TV's (40z5500 & Model No to follow)
    1 x Sony Amp (Model No's to follow)
    1 x Bluray DVD Player (Model No's to follow)
    1 X Sky + (Pace)
    1 x Freesat PVR (Humax)
    1 x Sony XL201 Media PC
    1 x PC (MS Server 2003)

    I would like to get Audio & Video as well as my PC in the Bedroom, Bathroom, Kitchen, Living Room & Dining Room. I would also like to get Audio only into the Garden and possibly Automated lighting through out the house.

    Now the questions are as follows
    What wiring would you suggest I run in order to future proof the house?
    What would be the best method, and the simplest for the Wife who is not so tech savy?
    What additional equipment would you reckon I would need?
    Would you suggest all the AV equipment to be in the 1 location, Loft in this case or do you have any other suggestions?
    I do not have a budget as such but I may need an additional bank account and credit card so as not to give the missus a heart attack!

    The last question is the most open ended.......

    What would you do in my shoes?

    P.S. I posted in this part cos this is where I have spent the last few months of my life.... Hey up to all the Yorkshire folks out there too ;)
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    I've moved your thread here simply because this is about the most pertinent section i could think of and the Gallery section is specifically for photographs. :)

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