What are you still waiting for on Blu-ray Disc?


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Roll on May 12th and this Criterion Collection gem:


  • NEW 4K RESTORATION OF THE FILM, with uncompressed monaural soundtrack on the Blu-ray
  • Alternate 5.1 surround soundtrack, presented in DTS-HD Master Audio on the Blu-ray
  • Two audio commentaries, one from 1991, featuring director John Sturges and composer Elmer Bernstein; the other, from 2004, featuring actors James Coburn, James Garner, and Donald Pleasence
  • New interview with critic Michael Sragow
  • "The Great Escape": Heroes Underground, a four-part 2001 documentary about the real-life escape from the Stalag Luft III prisoner-of-war camp during World War II, including interviews with POWs held there
  • The Real Virgil Hilts: A Man Called Jones, a 2001 program on the United States Army Air Forces pilot David Jones, the inspiration for Steve McQueen's character in the film
  • Return to "The Great Escape," a 1993 program featuring interviews with Coburn, Garner, actors David McCallum and Jud Taylor, stuntman Bud Ekins, and McQueen's son, Chad McQueen
  • Trailer
  • PLUS: An essay by critic Sheila O'Malley


I'm amazed that star trek voyager has never come out on bluray. I rate this a being second only to star trek original series in the St ranks.
Short answer is it wasn't made on film or HD video but on standard video and remastering to try to get it pseudo HD would cost more money than it was worth.

But TNG, DS9 and Voyager could not be rescanned and released in Full HD, as the original edited programs only existed on tape at NTSC resolution.

Robert Meyer Burnett: They absolutely would. Unlike TNG, which shot both all of their live-action and all of their model photography on 35mm film, which made scanning the original elements possible, both DS9 and Voyager made extensive use of CGI for their visual effects, especially in the later seasons. Those visual effects were rendered in standard NTSC resolution, with a maximum of 525 scan lines of resolution per second, split between two interlaced video fields of 262.5 scan lines running at 60 fields per second. So, the original resolution remains far, far below what audiences used to today’s HD, and now UHD resolutions, are accustomed to. These VFX could be upscaled 5x, but they’d have no detail. The Starship Defiant would look like a fuzzy, grey blob.


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Still waiting for these ones:

1. The Limey
2. Deep Cover
3. Ricochet
4. The Beach
5. The Golden Child
6. Unlawful Entry
7. Stakeout
Finally The Limey is coming out on 6th April from Lionsgate.:clap:

Unlawful Entry has a German release which I got recently.

Would also like:

Panic Room
Top Secret!
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Rob Reiner's The Sure Thing came out on blu-ray in Germany last week. I know that there are quite a few fans here on AVForums, myself included. My favourite John Cusack film and I also think it's the best teen romantic comedy of all time. Known as Der Volltreffer in Germany, the German blu-ray only has a stereo audio track and doesn't have the 5.1 track that the (region locked) north American disc has. Don't think that there's anything else on the disc apart from the film.

It's currently €9,99 on Amazon Germany. It's a must own for me and I'll buy it some time later this year as The Sure Thing is a Christmas movie to me. A UK disc was announced a few years ago but sadly never actually went on sale.


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Some I'd like to see on blu-ray
  • Goodbye Mr Chips (1939).
  • The man who came to dinner (1942).
  • Smilla’s sense of snow.
  • Lovers of the Arctic Circle
  • The Shootist.
Plus others already mentioned here like 8-legged freaks, Lone Star, Abyss, Sonatine (1984), Murder by Death. I just finally retired my Bob Hope HDDVDs in anticipation of catching up with them on blu ray. I wont miss the noise of the HDDVD player...
I'd also love to see Evolution (2001) reissued on blu ray (I have it on D-VHS, but that's clunky) and better versions of House of Flying Daggers, and Twilight Samurai. Always more.


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Musa the Warrior. One of my favourite films. Korean epic with Zhang Ziyi. The cinematography is absolutely beautiful. It's available to buy on Google Play in the US but not here :(. Would love an HD copy. Have the UK DVD and the uncut version imported from China.


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Desperate Journey. What a movie. I'm watching the dvd right now. Its a brilliant romp as Erroll creates havoc in Germany and just about everywhere else on his way back to blighty.
I expect that political correctness will ensure this never gets a release.
We live in hope.
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