What are YOU playing?



Someone asked me recently if I spent longer on the net reading/talking about games than actually playing them.

This got me thinking -it's true! I probably spend more time scouring second hand shops for games, raking Ebay for bargains, buying magazines and reading them about games and posting messages on various gaming forums than actually sitting down and playing for any length of time.

Surely I cant be in a minority? Can I?

Currently playing :

Gamecube R Racing Evolution
Dreamcast Le Mans 24HR
Saturn Panzer Dragoon Zwei
Megadrive Gods
Master sys. Golden Axe
GBA Baldur's Gate Dark Alliance
NeoGeo p. Sonic
G.Gear Chakan


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Gamecube - F Zero GX
PS2 - Virtua Fighter 4: Evolution/Rez
Dreamcast - Virtua Tennis
GBA SP - Super Mario World


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PS2 - Downhill Domination
PS2 - FFX-2
PC - Counter Strike
SNES - Shadowrun

I sometimes flick through some other games, but due to work and other commitments I too most probably spend just as much time reading about them as I do playing them :p


I usually play games for 20-30 minutes or less, then I'm pretty much done playing for the day/couple of days.

Most of the time though, it's just a 10 minute screw around session. I really like my older games in the arcades, and older ones on NES and SNES, and those I can bother playing for longer than 10 minutes, but I still don't do that often. While playing them I wish, "Wow, it'd be neat to see like 10 more new adventures for this particular game using the same engine and similar graphics and sounds." but unfortunately since some of them are 10 years old or older, that isn't going to happen.

Damn :censored: 3d games anyways.


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due to not having the time anymore im trying to play

emulated - metal slug 5, prince of persia,svc plus
PC - raven shield, return to castle wolfenstein
GC - rebel strike, metroid prime
ps2 - ssx tricky
dreamcast - soul calibre (excellent)

cant seem to play one game at the moment:rolleyes:


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Just started playing Front Mission, didn't realise it was such an awesome game!


Because of work, I read and chat more about games than actually playing them too.

Currently Playing:
XBox: Halo (multiplayer)
PC: Rise of Nations, Alpha Centauri, Zangband

Because all my XBox controllers are at a friends house, I'm digging into my PC at the moment.

Job + Social Life = Very little time for gaming :thumbsdow

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