what are these worth ????


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hi all,
i have no idea what my spares are worth, but what i do know is that they are wasted boxed in the cupboard:D

i have an exposure xv111 and xx1 pre/power amp combo. boxed, in mint condition. about 4 years old but unused in the last 2 years. they cost something silly like £2100 for the pair when i bought them. i'm thinking of selling as they will not be used by me again...

any idea what a fair price to sell them for would be????

cheers guys!!!

Jules Tohpipi

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That's quite a rare combo, so it will be difficult to say with any certainty what they're worth - as there will be little past transactions to compare with.

What I can say is that such things tend to fetch higher prices than you might expect on eBay. In this respect, I'm talking about hi-fi hidden gems - such as this combo. So my recommendation would be to put them on a long auction (to give people time to see them) and set a fairly high reserve.

They are a GREAT pair of amps BTW. People often judge books by their covers when it comes to Exposure amps. Open the lid on the 17/19 and 18 and inside you'll find better build quality and attention to detail than many amps costing in five figures (i.e. everything is soldered, no tagged connections, no PCB mounted connections, etc.)

Good luck with the sale, and it's a shame you're not holding on to them.


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cheers, i think that's the difficulty really - when things are rare it's tough to know what to se4ll them for...

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