Question What are these green pixel patches Panasonic TX-P50VT65B


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Hey everyone,

My TV has developed these odd green banding like patterns. At first I began to notice it occasionally on people's faces if they were lighter skinned, or was generally in the same place (mid-centre right). It's now more noticeable and it can be seen elsewhere on the panel on lighter colours only. See pics for example. If you look very closely at the screen it's almost got a pixel fuzz, a slight bit static like an old tube TV and that's how you can see the green elements.

Does anyone have any ideas what it may be? Is it just something that happens to older plasmas or could it be some kind of interference?


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The left picture is the same as my Samsung plasma looked, I described it as a green mist appearing over parts of the screen, John Lewis repair agents took it away and i received the bad news that a new panel was required, which was no longer available.


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Really? Did they explain anything else about what the fault was likely to be? Also, this is definitely not in warranty any longer - it's not the end of the world right now, but can you get stuff like this repaired out of warranty?


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No sadly they just wrote the tv off, and gave me a allowance against a new tv, I’d phone a couple of repairers close to where you live and ask, there bound to of heard of it, might be repairable or scrap.

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