What are these black lines during motion on my Panny ...


Feersum enjinn

I use a cheap DvD player and i uses composite at first which i replaced with an Svid cable which gave me a super picture :)

But i notice one thing, when the picture moves, for example when a character moves across the screen or turns their head i get like a black ''web' of lines on the persons face.

When stationary'ish even with a full size face on my screen the picture is perfect and very crisp and clear! but just when someone moves the black line things appear.

Im not sounding very technical i know, but if anyone knows what i mean info would be veery helpful. And idea how to get rid of it?

I only have a 99 pounds Cyberhome player and i assume Svid is the best way of connecting up considering i just plug directly into my Panny and have no other equipment.

Bets rega


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I run mine from a PC, but have a Cyberhome 512 as DVD player elsewhere in the house. I'm intending to get hold of an SVideo cable for other reasons at some point, so I'll try it out and see if I get the same.


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sounds like a deinterlacing artifact,. Certainly don't see this via my HTPC (never used the interlaced video inputs probably never will do)


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Try turning the sharpness all the way down, it may help.

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