What are the true limitations of no HDMI on a soundbar?


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Hi all,

After many days of researching I have decided on a Yamaha YAS-101 soundbar (undecided if I am to also buy the additional packaged subwoofer option).

My one concern is the lack of HDMI.

I have a Panasonic ST30, and have just purchased a Panasonic BDT120 blu-ray player.

If the blu-ray player has to go through the tv, and then optical from the tv to the blu-ray, does that mean that if I want to listed to a CD from the blu-ray player I will have to have the TV switched on?

Any other major disadvantages of no HDMI?

I've not been much of a gamer of late, but may get a PS3 purther down the line, will this add any problems?

Thanks all.


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Hi , Not many limitations as your not feeding 7.1 speakers. Try running an optical from your bluray straight to the soundbar,this will enable CD playback from the player. A second from the telly (which is being fed by the HDMI) into the soundbar and this will enable listening not only the Bluray soundtrack but also your ordinary tv sound. If you get a PS3 , connect that via HDMI into the telly and the optical out from the telly to the bar will feed the sound out. Did the same for my brothers LG bar and I have to say given the limitations of the bar compared to a Amp and speakers ,it sounded pretty good. Definatly better than the built in speakers on the telly. Hope this helps , if not get back to us.


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You need to check your TV passes sound from the HDMI inputs to the optical output. Not all do and they only pass sound from their internal tuner.


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Thanks db2332, exactly what I needed to know.

PSM1, how would I find this out? It is a Panasonic 50ST30, bought at the beginning of the year?

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