What are the games you're dying to get yer mits on? (any format)


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Just wondering what games you are most excited about appearing on the shelves within the coming months, for me there are quite a few so I'm thinking it's time to get saving those pennies;)

For me,


Ico2, has been a long wait for a sequel to one of the most unerated games ever made!
Front Mission 4, Front Mission 3 was also underated and a classic game IMO
Champions of Norrath, any time now hopefully, personaly I loved Baulders Gate on the PS2 so this should be a cool multiplayer


Doom3, nuff said really, who doesn't want this game:D
Halo2, only just bought my Xbox so haven't even played the first one yet, but I like the idea of plying it Live
Driv3r, assuming it;ll be better than the PS2 version


Mario Golf: Toadstool Tour, well, for me this is the type of game that makes the gamecube such a great console, post pub/sunday games with a few of your mates round:D
Resi Evil 4, now this is looking cool, and finaly it seems those wondering zombies have been replaced with crazed chainsaw wielding maniacs:devil:


Um, whatever the next tactic game is gonna be, Tactics Ogre is still by far the best GBA game IMO, FFTactics was ok. Maybe there'll be a Tactics Ogre2, lol, can but hope!
Don't get to read about up and coming GBA games, I'll watch this space!


Ashen, looks interesting!
Worms world party, hey, it might be an old game but I still love it for the multiplayer, will be great via bluetooth me thinks:thumbsup:


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Loads of good games due for release this (probably 50 I'd like to play) I'll just list a few though

PS2 -

Psyvariar 2 - western release, please...:thumbsup: Sequel to, IMO, the best shooter ever

Street Fighter 3: Third Strike - best 2D fighter ever. Only VF4 stops this from being the best fighting game ever made

Metal Gear Solid 3 - does it need a reason?

Killzone - could be ok, could be pants. I'll probably buy it just to see how much it doesn't live up to the hype :laugh:

Hoping for a conversion of VF4: Final Tuned but it's unlikely:lease: It would be console game of the year 2004 if it is released though :smashin:

GC -

Zelda: Wind Waker 2 - just 'cos.

Mario 128 - can't wait to see it at E3. I've got huge hopes for this game

Paper Mario 2 - screenshots look fantastic and if it's half as good as Mario and Luigi, I'm impressed

Resident Evil 4 - have you seen the latest trailer?! omg!

Virtua Fighter: Cyber Generations - it's Sega. They rock. It's Virtua Fighter. That rocks.

Pikmin 2 - hugely under-rated game and still loads of fun

Killer 7 - should be LOADS of fun

Viewtiful Joe 2 - sequel to, IMO, one of the best games of 2003

All sequels (apart from VF and Killer 7) but who cares?


Boktai - Konami plus original idea = goodness

Metroid: Zero Mission - remake of a brilliant game. I'm happy with that.

Xbox -

Nothing I can think of apart from Metal Slug 3 and Psyvariar 2

PC -

Nothing at all


Prince of Persia 2 - Sequel to a fantastic game. One of my favourites of last year


Xbox, Doom3, Halo2, Driv3r, Fable and Star Wars Battle Front.

Thinking about getting a gamecude for the new res evil.


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Tetlee - Mario Golf has been available on import for almost a year! I'd just get the US version if I were you. It's just gone onto the Player's Choice label so you could probably get it for about £20. It works perfectly fine with Freeloader 1.6 too (if you only have a PAL cube, like I do)

NoE have messed Europe around with that title so much...I hope it bombs completely. It's a fantastic game but it should have been released here last Summer when it was available everywhere else. It's also already available in Australia (which means it's been converted to the PAL format) but they're just delaying its release over here to coincide with the GBA version...


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Is DoomIII being released on xbox?

I thought the game was going to make high end pc's grind to a halt let alone the xbox?

Games I'm looking forward to (I only have a pc):-

DoomIII - Lets hope it lives up to all our expectations and my hardware is up to the job of playing it as the developers intended.
Half Life 2 - Will be great I'm sure even after all the release date changes and will sell like hot cakes whatever.
Duke Nukem Forever - If it ever sees the light of day. It's supposadly been in development for over 5 years now.
Theif III - More garret shenanigans. Lets hope it doesn't follow the trend of deus ex2 and doesn't play like a console port.
S.T.A.L.K.E.R - promising online shooter as well as a single player game.
Joint Operations - An online war game with drivable vehicles, planes etc.
I'm hoping for an RPG along the lines of morrowind to surface too and hopefully a sequel to Neverwinter nights and all it's expansions.


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Certainly would be nice if Doom III and Duke Nukem came out before I die or get too old to move a mouse....wishful thinking at the current rate of progress on both of those!


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Metal Slug4
Sega Ages 2500- Outrun
Sega Ages 2500- Virtua Racing
Gran Turismo 4


Half life2
Dark and Light
Rome Total War
Victoria - An Empire Under The Sun


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Gradius V

Killer 7
Pikmin 2
Zelda: Four Swords

Halo 2
Rallisport 2

Half Life 2
Doom III


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Originally posted by Hawklord
Is DoomIII being released on xbox?

It sure is, infact here's a bit of interesting info I was reading earlier (sorry, don't know how to do links:rolleyes: ) taken from totalvideogames.com:
Doom3 Xbox Multiplayer Details

American reports suggest that only the Xbox version will feature a multiplayer co-op mode…

News filtering through from the States today suggested that the Xbox version of ‘Doom3’ will be the only version to support a co-op mode.

Claiming to be a “showcase for Xbox Live!”, it’s still believed that ‘Doom3’ on the PC will feature a multiplayer mode of some sorts, although id are focussing on the single-player aspect and it’s believed the simplistic multiplayer offering is currently in development at an external development team.

:clap: soundin good!!! infact Doom3 played a big part in making my decision to buy an Xbox, I was damn sure my PC wouldn't handle the bugger:rotfl:


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That's good news, it seems that we'll be able to run Doom3 with a reasonable FPS and a good resolution on a decent mid range PC. I guess if they make the game so that it will "make high end pc's grind to a halt" then they are restricting the game to a small audience, which will lose them sales.

I would always buy an FPS on a PC, not a console though. The control is better on a PC through mouse & keyboard. A high resolution screen helps a lot in FPS games and I would say that the majority of X-Box owners just have their console connected to their TV's via a scart lead. The PC versions generally get much better mod support, which prolongs the life of the game. The current batch of consoles are now no match for a half decent PC so you would expect the PC version to look and run better than any console release.

I'm sure the X-Box version will be a good alternative to the PC version if you don't own a fairly modern PC though. The co-op version also sounds good, but I can't understand why they would not include such a version in the PC version. After all surely the biggest market for Doom3 would be PC owners.


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Metal Slug 5, Gradius V, Espgaluda.


Metal Slug 3, Halo 2, Half Life 2.


Super Monkeyball 3, Resident Evil 4 (maybe).


Metal Slug Advance, any 2d shooters that come out.


I've given up with PC games.


See PC games.

RL123 - I have DC Psyvariar 2 and it's great. A big improvement over the original.


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Does any one know if they are developing the game seperately for the different platforms?

I'd hate to have the pc version limited by the lowest common denominator (a la deus ex2).
Once again there has been loads of hype over this game with release dates being moved back. Maybe the developer thought "Christ" when they saw Far Cry and went back to the drawing board. I hope I'm wrong but I think Far Cry has set the new benchmark for fps's and the likes of DoomIII and HL2 are gonna struggle to impress us. After so many delays I feel they've probably missed the boat and what ever they will release may look dated in comparison.(I wander how may engine changes duke nukem forever has had?). Here's hoping the gameplay is on a par with Far Cry too:)


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Doom 3 beta 2 runs great on my P4 2gig with 9600pro.

anyway, games im looking forward too are

GC: Mario 128, Zelda GC 2, Pikmin 2, Killer 7, Resi 4
PC: Doom3, Half-life 2, Duke Forever

Plus a nice release of a model 3 emulator!! :clap:


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I hope they do release separate versions of Doom3 on the PC and the X-Box. The X-Box has the power to make a good version but the developers could get so much more out of the PC these days - a look at Farcry tells us that :)

I do however think that the 2 versions will be very closely related, with some extra graphical touches to the PC version. From their point of view it would seem to make sense as the PC and X-Box share very similar architecture and could use very similar code.

As a side note however, I do think that we are often preoccupied with how far a game will push our PC's technically as opposed to how good a game really is. The most important element of Doom is it's atmosphere, it's ability to shock and make you jump at times whilst becoming eerily quiet and terrifying at other points. Whilst Graphics play a large role in depicting the horror in a believable manner, it is the imaginative level design and the timing of the events in the game that truely generate the suspense, shock and horror that this series has become famous for. I played the old 486 classic Doom2 the other day and became so engrosed I played it straight through. On the other hand I bought Unreal 2 and apart from a couple of parts in the game I was pretty bored - nice graphics but low on fun and imaginative gameplay IMO.

That said if we get both - great graphics and great gameplay then all the better.:smoke:


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Front Mission 4, Front Mission 3 was also underated and a classic game IMO
Currently playin Front Mission on SNES :)

You might also want to look out for Front Mission online, that could be really awesome!


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Apparently the xbox version of farcry will be a different beast from the pc version. I for one can't wait to see the console incarnation.


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Originally posted by Games Guru
Apparently the xbox version of farcry will be a different beast from the pc version. I for one can't wait to see the console incarnation.
You'll have to wait a few years though as it's not coming out till the next gen consoles are out (2005 at least). By then it'll probably look dated compared to the pc games available then:)


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Originally posted by Sinzer
Currently playin Front Mission on SNES :)

You might also want to look out for Front Mission online, that could be really awesome!
Front Mission online! Whoa, now there's a prospect:thumbsup: what platform/s is it planned for? this is the best news I've heard this year!

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