What are the differences between the WDTV Live (2011) and the new WDTV Live Streaming


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I am thinking of getting a new WDTV Live Streaming to replace my old WDTV Live (2011) and was wondering what the differences are between them especially

What types of files will the streaming play that the old one will not ie HD audio

What diffeence is there between the on screen displays


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The newer unit has a different interface , with a pretty good media scraper included so that you can have all your content presented very nicely indeed in a sort of movie jukebox kind of way.

You could do that on the previous model(s) with hacked firmwares , but its included here out of the box.

It also has some media streaming services that the previous unit did not have , such as netflix and the like , but that content is location sensitive and Im not at all sure that it works this side of the pond.

Other than that , I dont think theres much of a difference.


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You could also look at the B-Rad firmware for the WDTV it adds some features mentioned above.


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