What are the best subs?


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What subs are best for a sane price? How are the definitive technology models.. like the supercube´s?

Do the large woofers (12" and higher) not have much deeper base than the smaller ones, even though the have huge amplifiers? Or can a smaller one go just as deep with the wattage?

Ian J

Definitive Technology don't do a great deal in the UK. They sell their Pro Cinema range which includes a small subwoofer but when I bought the satellites I preferred to use them with a better sub.


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What about part b of my question, concerning the woofer size.. is a 12"+ woofer just not necessary?

I was thinking of ordering a def tech from the usa or getting a m&k or REL... not sure what to get.


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The best subs are generally:

Velodyne HGS series.
The SVSubwoofers PC Plus, CS-Plus and CS Ultra.
Adire Audio DIY Shiva and Tempest.

What makes really loud deep bass is big cone area, large box size and loads of amplifer power.


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Not really sure. Hoping to get ideas from you guys. I currently have the def techs 2006TLS fronts and CLRT 2300 center and bp2x backs... all have plenty of bass. So I figure the sub has to be pretty good to add depth to those speakers.

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