What are the best psp games I should get for Vita?


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Hi, so my Vita game collection is getting a bit boring, had uncharted, Fifa, Everybodys golf, Unit 13 now Resistance, do not fancy anything else currently out or coming out so was thinking of getting some old psp games.

Fell out of love with my old psp early on and got rid so may have missed a lot of the classics so prepared to give them a go, hopefully people can tell me how the psp games they recommend play and look? Also if any can make the use of the second analogue stick?

I like most games, was looking at the grand theft auto games but was not sure they were worth the money now? Tell me if I am wrong?
Also maybe resistance, also heard that it can play ok when set up with the second stick but not totally sure if true or not?

Any advice would be great, have money in my psn account burning a hole..:thumbsup:


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The GTA's are good, so are the God of Wars, Persona 3, er...y's, are worth a look.

As to Vita games, have you had a look at Gravity Rush, it really is a sublime little title, and is a cracker once you start to power up...


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As to Vita games, have you had a look at Gravity Rush, it really is a sublime little title, and is a cracker once you start to power up...[/QUOTE]

Thanks, will take a look at them.

I played the demo of gravity rush, just seemed a bit strange, I think it was the talking cat that put me off!!:D


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I highly recommend peace walker you can sink so many hours into that game :D


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Motorstorm Artic Edge is impressive, it was an achievement for the PSP, the Vita makes it look fab. OK the vehicles can look at bit iffy (rough around the edges/muddy colours), but the tracks/speed etc are great. I brilliant arcade racer. I was surprised to find an online mode, but I could not find anyone playing it.

Also GT looks good and plays well.

I think they are the only 2 PSP games I have on mine, both get played, especially Artic Edge, if I want instant fun!


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also might try gran turismo, that was the reason I bought the psp at release.....

Haha, it was a loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooong wait for GT on the PSP, I bought and sold 2 PSPs in that time, gave up, then my son got a Go! so I bought him GT.

Its quite playable, much more pick up and play than regular GT. Looks pretty good, a bit of tearing, and rough at the edges, but the Vita screen improves things.

EDIT: Motorstorm is much more fun!


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So far I have bought:

GTA (all 3)
Assassins Creed (Not played yet)
Ace Combat (LOVING this)

Also recommend NOVA...its a mini, its graphics are very old school...a bit Quake-like but with more colours, its a total HALO rip off but its good fun


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Anyone played Velocity (a Mini)? Saw a good review but would be interested in any AVFers views.

I've bought a few PSP games so far:

Darksiders - average
Street Fighter Alpha 3 - decent
Split Second - rubbish
Final Fantasy Tactics - not played enough but pretty intro!
Daxter - didnt get into it and not picked up after first few levels
Warriors - recommended by a mate but haven't even tried it...
Patapon 2 - ok but not sure I'll spend much time with it. Good if you like quirky rhythm games
GoW: Ghost of Sparta - good game. Played through fully and looked great for a PSP game. Recommended.
Persona 3 - really good turn based, traditional JRPG. Definitely worth trying if you're a fan of the genre.

Hmm, is more than I realised!


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Darksiders on psp??

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