What are the best contrast and volume settings for Sky+ ?


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(Mind you, I don't actually use my Sky+ sound output at the moment - SP/DIF out to my Bryston SP1.7 instead - but there may come a time when I have to for some reason).

Anyway: does anyone happen to know what volume level the box should be set at in order to produce the minimum amount of noise, distortion, etc. on the RCA outputs?

And similarly, should the contrast be set to high, medium, or low to produce the most accurate video output?

Edit: my Sky+ is version 1, if that makes a difference.


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Depends on your kit I expect.
Since I got my latest TV I had to switch the contrast to low for RGB output pictures to look as natural as pictures from other sources while upping the volume from near to minimum results in distortion for anything I record on one of my video recorders though the higher volumes are ok for everything else I attach.
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