What are the _must have_ PS2 games? !


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I am a Sony newb, Ive never bought a Sony console.
But I just ordered the Slimeline PS2, cos as less than 100 quid its a bargain.

And I will be able to get games second hand cheap with the PS3 right around the corner :)

What do you guys recommend I get?

Is there a Gods of War or something I thought I saw once that looked good.

The new Final Fantasy?

Any tips greatly received :)


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God of War is excellent - best console game I've played :thumbsup: I'd also recommend Resident Evil 4. Other than that, as a new Sony owner myself, I would also be interested in the 'must have' games for the PS2.


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It depends what Genre you like really, Resi Evil 4 is a brilliant game, Tomb Raider Legend is pretty good (but im a TR fan) Need For Speed most wanted is good for wasting a couple of hours :)

And dont forget that with an original ie: ps/psone memory card the ps2 will also play all the original games, i'm currently having a blast with Duke Nukem :)


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My definitive list:

Guitar Hero
Shadow of the Colossus
God of War
Devil May Cry
Metal Gear Solid 2/3
Klonoa 2: Lunatea's Veil
Silent Hill 2
Virtua Fighter 4: Evo
Okami (haven't played it but I'm sure it'll be great once released!) :)


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Final Fantasy 7-11 (On-line is also good)
Gran Turismo 1-4

They are the only titles I'm seriously interested in, every else just has to match up.

BUT: Don't forget .....Bust-a-Move 2...... The most fun you will EVER have with your mates :smashin:


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Ah, I just saw that the Slimline PS2 comes with an ethernet port. Sweet :)

Do I have to "pay" to play Pro Evo 5 online?


All PS2's online content is free.... but not as good as XBOX live!


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Can't really suggest anything that Tejstar hasn't already suggested. Rez is the most euphoric console videogaming experience I've had, but the graphics style isn't to everyone's taste. Amplitude is great musical fun, as is Guitar Hero if you don't mind shelling out for the controller.

I'm also a sucker for Final Fantasy games, even enjoying FF X-2 (the sequel to X, the first PS2 Final Fantasy game - VII to IX are PS1 games but playable on a PS2 with a PS1 memory card). Please note that Final Fantasy XI is the online FF game, and the PS2 version might be hard to come by these days since it requires an external hard drive. Final Fantasy XII is single-player and for the PS2, even though the European version is released after the PS3 launches.


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Grand theft auto- san andreas
Final fantasy x
Dark chronicle - great rpg (also known as dark cloud 2)
max payne series
splinter cell series
metal gear solid series


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The obvious:

Grand Theft Auto series
Pro Evo 5

If you're looking for a game that tries something different (google the reviews, the games are quality):

Pro Evo 5
MGS Series( I picked up MGS2 for £2.99 at Gamestation)
these are my favourite games.


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Although not all exclusives most would agree about:-

RE4, Jak & Daxter 1, Ratchet & Clank (all), ICO, Shadow of the Colossus, GTA3/Vice City/SA, GT3 or 4, Prince of Persia: Sands of Time, Silent Hill 2, Dark Chronicle, God of War, Beyond Good and Evil, Tekken 5, PES, MGS, Burnout 3, SSX3.

I hated Fahrenheit and Manhunt, certainly not considered essentials by most gamers.

Personal recommendations:-

1). Ace Combat 4 (AC5 is also very good but has very annoying wingman chit chat).
2). Maximo: Ghosts to Glory (surprisingly demanding but high quality under-rated hack/slash platformer).
3). Deus Ex (much better on PC I've been told but still a great game on PS2).
... ,


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I think the above covers most stuff - i'll state mine, which have probably all been covered above -

God of War - One of the best console games money can buy - superb!
Guitar Hero - Amazing fun - simply awesome
Winning Eleven 10 - Currently the best football game out - PES6 comes out in October if you don't have the ability to play imports.
MGS3: Substance (not sure if out yet and not played this version but it's supposed to be superb - also has online play).
Virtua Fighter 4 Evo - Great Beat em up, technical but superb.
Tekken 5 - Another superb beat em up - not as technical as VF4 but very intuitive.
RE4 - although get this on GC if you have one as that version's better.
Gradius V - Quality shoot em up but rock hard!
GT4 - Flawed but still great racer - the best the PS2 has to offer in this genre.
ICO - wonderful puzzle/platform game - a classic!

You can't really go wrong with the above IMO. :thumbsup:

grey fox

fallenangle said:
I hated Fahrenheit and Manhunt, certainly not considered essentials by most gamers.

But Manhunt's fantastic. The biggest shame about this game is that Rockstar didn't give it as much hype as they lavish upon GTA, which made it something of an unkown quantity, and as we all know 'most gamers' don't like to take chances on unknown quantities, and prefer to purchase on the recommendation of Gamesmaster or whatever magazine.

I would also point out that ICO wasn't considered essential by 'most gamers' on it's first release, and also PES is nearly always outsold by FIFA even though it is generally the weaker of the two. (I should point out though that I have not played a FIFA game since 2001)


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Jak & Daxter and Jak II (I wouldn't bother with 3)
GTA: Vice City (again wouldn't bother with SA)
Gran Turismo 4

Think that's all you should need :D

Oh, possibly Singstar if your girlfriend likes Karaoke

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