What are Sony VCRs like

Discussion in 'Digital TV & Video Players & Recorders' started by Jon Weaver, Oct 11, 2001.

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    Born in Bristol but now in Newport, (for my sins)
    I currently have a Panasonic HD660 which, to be honest, I have never liked.

    I have started to notice a problem which I have been told is down to the 'automatic gain control' and whilst this isn't a huge problem now, could get worse!

    I have just ordered a Sony TV and found that Sony are doing a promotion where I can have £100 off a VCR.

    As their top spec models is about £180, this means that I could get a new VCR for £80.

    Whilst, I didn't want to buy a new VCR and had no plans too, £80 seems too good to miss.

    Are Sony's VCRs OK?

    Any feedback would be appreciated

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    I recently bought a What Video 'Best Buy' Sony machine from Argos. I'm not sure of its model no. I think it included 710. I was impressed by its picture as it was very sharp -plenty of detail but slightly grainy. I don't have digital so the grain was possibly due to RF reception in my case though. Unfortunately as I intended to use it for recording and playing back on my other machine 'Panasonic NVHD-620', it wasn't as compatible as I had hoped. A Sony recording revealed a minor visual kink on the verticals when played back on my panny machine. I've also had the same effect when using a friends Mitsibishi vcr so I'm not blaming the Sony machine. It was simply one of those things. In its own right the Sony was an excellent machine.
    Being bought from Argos I took it back the next day and got a refund.

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