What are Richer Sounds like to deal with, their 6 year TV warranty etc


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I normally buy all my TV's from John Lewis, on this occasion the particular model that i want they are out of stock and don't know when they will have new stock.

Richer Sounds have the model in stock, just a couple of questions for anyone that may know.

What is the Richer Sounds TV warranty like, has anyone had to call on it before ?

What are they like if your TV arrives with any dead pixels, would they exchange it without a fuss ?

Would you buy in store at Richer Sounds if you already know what you want or buy it online, the reason i mention buying it online is your covered by the distance selling regulations if you buy online so if your not happy with anything you are entitled to return it within 14 days i think.

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I've bought a tv from richer sounds based on the positive things I've seen on here. Haven't had to use the warranty tho.

My friend purchased one from them also, however a a tiny fly has appeared behind the screen (no idea how it was able to get there). He said he contacted richer sounds and as the tv is over 40/42" he has to take it up directly with Sony - I personally wouldn't be happy with this.

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My dad got a TV with their warranty, 3 weeks over warranty the TV broke RS replaced no arguements

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Nothing but positive things to say about Richer Sounds.

I had a Philips TV which was 4 years into a 5 year guarantee when about 10 pixels went black in a line.

The engineer came out, took it away and shortly after I was told to go to the store and choose a new one.

I got a better specced TV, and as prices had dropped, they started another 5 year guarantee on it.

Trouble is I fancy a change, it's still in warranty and won't go wrong!

I won't go anywhere else for my AV kit.


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Freeview tuner failed in a 4 year old plasma I had and which I had passed on to my brother, they came out an replaced the board within 48 hours no hassle at all. Certainly nothing wrong with their warranties that is for sure. Same Panasonic plasma has now been passed on to my parents and its still going strong at 8+ years old.

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