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what are recommended wall brackets to mount a sony lcd tv model klv30-hr3

Discussion in 'AV Stands, Cabinets, Seating & Furniture' started by 1458154, Dec 2, 2005.

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    :lease: I have bought a Sony 30' LCD TV model KLV30-HR3 and need a wall bracket to mount it. Due to it being a Sony and it has a curved back, all of the universal brackets do not cater for this. My local Sony shop are quoting £300 minimum for a simple bracket which I think is too much. I cannot seem to find any alternativer and shops are unable to help. The last shop recommended a VESA bracket but when I called a shop that stocked them, they said they couldnt cater for a 30' Sony TV. Getting frustrating at the lack of knowledge in some shops and that there are no 'experts out there' and the last shop in fact recommended I go here online for help....!

    Can anybody out there guide me/help in any way to recommend some alternatives or I will have no choice but pick the only option which is £300 . Thank You

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