What are my options to get in sync audio on this setup.


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Hi, hopefully this describes my issue well enough as i'm struggling lol.

I recently helped refurbish my local cricket club. The club had 5 tv's connected to a sky receiver via HDMI cables through an HDMI splitter.
The TV's have always had handshake issues so we decided to leave the HDMI cables in but also add coaxial cables via an HDMI modulator and 8 way splitter/amplifier.
The modulator has sorted the handshake issues and works great but there is a 1 second or so delay (video and audio) compared to when connected via HDMI.
This isn't an issue when using the TV's speakers but during the refurb we also installed a 4 channel amplifier (Adastra A4) connected to 8 ceiling speakers which we would like to use for audio when football games are on.

Is there an option to get audio in sync through the amp/ceiling speakers? I can't connect the amp direct to the sky box as the sound is slightly ahead.
The splitter/sky box/amp are all next to each other. Is there a cable/converter i can use to get signal from the 8 way splitter to the amp in sync?

Hope this is enough info and i appreciate any help as its got me beat.



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$ky box should have an audio delay option in the settings menu I'd expect?

That may or may not be able to delay the sound by time of the modulator encoding delay, which you say is 1,000 milliseconds.

This will affect both the $ky box output feeding the amp and the input sound for the modulator - so if not using the amp/speakers may need re-adjusting to sync the TV speakers' sound.

(Catch 22).

The other way would possibly be to use one TV's optical or RCA or headphone out to feed the input of the amp if close enough by?

Audio delay units are also available but may be expensive professional or not a long enough delay?


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Thanks for the reply and sorry for the delay in replying. Yeah the audio delay isn’t an option mainly because the bar staff would have to set it up each time and they’re not too tech savvy lol.
Unfortunately no tv close enough to run a cable from tv to amp either (all cables are above boarded ceiling now).
Someone suggested using an fm transmitter (like the 1s people use in cars) and tune amp in to it. I may give that a go to see what quality is like but not getting my hopes up.
Still hoping to find some sort of device that can get audio only from the 8 way splitter but not having much success lol.


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A simple Freeview stb receiving from the modulator but located adjacent to the amp might decode the sound at around the same time as the TVs (different decoders will have different delays and the TVs will delay sound internally to allow for screen processing time).

You'd need to look for one with suitable sound output connection to the amp, and the ability for lip sync delay correction as well (a once off adjust during setup) ideally.

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