What are Hellbound region 2 DVD Cuts

Discussion in 'Movie Forum' started by Paul Young, Jan 15, 2002.

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    I am a avid fan of the Hellraiser film but would like to know what are the cuts ? I heard that a dream sequence is missing on the UK version and some gore 4 mins and 7 secs in total . I have only a region 2 player
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    If you want to get either of the first two "Hellraiser" movies, then AVOID the Region 2 versions completely!

    Firstly, the original movie, has 4 seconds cut to the scene when Julia kills her first victim, after seducing him. In the uncut version, the victim is struck on the head with the hammer, and then just as she is about to repeat more blows to his skull, he begs her to stop. The begging has been cut.

    As for "Hellbound", the UK versions have had at least 1m 7s of cuts made, mostly to gore scenes and material depicting sadomasochistic violence. A longer Director's Cut has appeared on "FilmFour", but, this version still has material missing that does appear in the Anchor Bay versions.

    About three minutes of additional gory scenes are missing from the UK release (cut before submission to the BBFC), which makes the sum total of missing material go to more than 4 minutes!

    There is a US Anchor Bay disc (not region coded!) which runs for 98 mins (94 mins at PAL speed), which is unrated, and contains all the scenes not present on the UK release, including the extra "dream scene" you mentioned. However, your TV must be able to accept US-style NTSC formatted pictures, otherwise the DVD is unlikely to play correctly.

    Personally, I'd get your DVD player converted immediately, as all the really great horror movies get cut for us Brits.


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