What are Eclipse like in 2013?


Ive been with Orange phone and broadband for a couple of years now. My internet speeds are generally ok but my torrent speed can be pretty terrible. Traffic shaping during the day is massive.

Im close to ordering a line with eclipse. Are there any current customers on here? They seem to either get 1 or 5 out of 5 in reviews from customers. I think it may be a case that people expect more from a company charging so much which is why the reviews are so extreme. Thats fair enough, they are charging £30 for their pro package.

And if not Eclipse then who?


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I'm with Eclipse and I've seen no evidence of any traffic shaping - ever. Did flip to BT infinity for a week before moving it to Eclipse fibre, which was more expensive but waaaaaaaaay better. Sadly had to move house but just getting Eclipse business fibre installed in a couple of weeks.

Excellent support as well, you always get to speak to someone (in England) who actually know what they are talking about and are very very helpful.

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