What are 'blue disc'??


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Sorry if this is a dumb question.
Not a big gaming person but found a used PS2 on eBay that was too cheap to miss - I know there are some issues with the drive on older models but worth the risk :)
Bought a game to test it and the guy in the shop said the best ones to use were games on blue discs?
Wasn't sure what he meant by that?



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PS2 games that were pressed onto CD are blue disc and the guy was right the first thing to go on the ps2 is the ability to read cd based games


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The bottom of the cd's that store the data are blue in colour, hence "blue discs"

The same way in that PS1 games were black in colour on the bottom.


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OK thanks - simple as that :)
So if I bought any game that says it is CD-ROM rather than DVD that should give a good idea of the stability of the machine?
Are there any games in particular that are more likely to show any problems with the unit?

So far it works fine with Gran Turismo 3 and also a standard DVD movie disk.


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