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What amplifier to match my system?


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Hi Everyone

My first post, I currently have a Rega Planar 2 turntable with a Grado Black cartridge, a set of free standing Mission 734 speakers which are bi-wired to a Onkyo TX-SR577 AV Receiver. I use a Cambridge Audio 540p pre amp to power the turntable.

As also am a avid movie fan I also have my TV & Bluray set up hooked up to this hence buying the AV Amp but I am now considering having the deck wired up separately to an analogue amp.

As I am primarily listening to my music through my turntable would I be better served with a good quality Analogue receiver rather than what I have already?

I have looked at a Creek CAS4040 Stereo Integrated Amplifier, I was looking at the first version of this amp as I believe it is the only one with a phono stage eliminating the use of a pre amp. Also Cambridge Audio A1 Hi-fi Home Audio Stereo Integrated Amp, all of these of course will be 2nd hand.

I admit to being a novice, I love vinyl and just want to get the best sound for my Rega deck and think my Mission speakers have always served me well just looking for some advice from someone who know's more than I, I've not got a huge budget and it seems these receivers can be picked up for under £100 in good condition.

I've also learned that my Mission speakers can improved by incorporating sand bags and having the wiring inside overhauled with the inside insulated. Can anyone offer any advice please?


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In the past I've had budget Marantz and Rotel amps which all had decent phono stages. If I had to pick one from what I've experience of then a Marantz PM7001 would fit the bill nicely. Probably cost a few quid more than £100 but lovely amps. Something like this ki version perhaps marantz pm 7001 ki | eBay


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Would you agree I's be better served by a analogue amp as opposed to my current Onkyo which isn't exactly terrible by a long stretch but I figured an older analogue amp would serve me better, is this true?


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It would help if you told us what your budget is, rather than leave us to guess.

Given the amplifiers you are considering, the budget doesn't seem to be much.

The Onkyo is probably good, but most don't recommend anything below the 600 models, with typically sell for around £500. I believe the Onkyo TX-SR577 is currently selling, where it can be found, for about £388.

The current TX-NR515 is selling for about £250, and TX-NR525 is selling for about £399. This helps lends some perspective.

As to reasonable NEW Stereo Amp -

£150 = Denon PMA-520, 45w/ch
£199 = Denon PMA-720, 50w/ch (originally about £350, SuperFi.co.uk)
£179 = Marantz PM5004, 40w/ch
£259 = Marantz PM6004, 45w/ch (reduced from £299)
£199 = Yamaha AS300, 60w/ch
£230 to £280 = Yamaha AS500, 85w/ch (price depending on source, do a Google-UK Shopping Search)

All these amp have PHONO inputs.

For what it's worth.



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For around a hundred quid I'd go second hand. You could get a stereo amp, like this Pioneer A-400 or this one for just over a ton including postage.
I had one of these with a pair of Mission 732's and later a pair of Mission 752's in the 90's.
Another option, if you want to keep multi channel, would be to get something like an Arcam AVR250 or AVR280 AV receiver. Very musical and sell for just over the £100 mark.

I'd also consider selling the 734's for (hopefully) around a hundred quid and then getting a pair of Mission 752's. The 752's are a nice step up from your 734's and can be had for only a few quid more than you'll sell the 734s for.
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