What amp ?


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I currently own bose accousticmass 10 speakers and don't know what amplifier to get so i can run them. I would like to spend less than £600 on the amplifier.




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are you after a stereo amp or a AV amp??


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For less tha £600 and mainly 6.1 you can look at the usual suspects:-

Sony db2000
Pioneer 812/912
Yamaha ax640/rxv 640/740
Marantz sr 5400/OSE 7400
Denon 2803/1804
Second hand/ex display:-
Harman/kardon 4550/5550
Pioneer 2011 (rare)

Hope this helps.


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Or just up your budget a little (£150) and you could go for the silver Denon 3805 which is selling at £744 at the moment from Unbeatable.

You won't be dissappointed with Marantz SR7400 though, it is a lovely amp, I've only had it a few days and it was well worth the money (£489 from AVLand inc delivery, rrp is £699).

Make a shortlist, and go and listen to them, your ears are your best judge, we can only reccommend a shortlist for you to try.


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Marantz 7400......drool


The price on unbeatable was an error its back up at £899 now :(


I have an ex display HK 5500 and cant really fault it .Great with music ,especially stereo


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Price is £899 for the black 3805, but definitely £744 for the silver model.

If you check the 3805 for £849 thread again, it states that someone even phoned Unbeatable to check, and the price for the two models was correct, £744 for the silver and £899 for the black.


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Still cant afford £740 :( Just a little to much as I will be moving house next month :)


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For around 665pounds, 2400 delivered or around 485pounds, the 1400 delivered, from hificomponents.de

Although a few has had very slow delivery and response, majority on this forum, and many friends in Sweden and on swedish forums that has had no problems with them.

Warranties are not a problem, Yamaha UK are very receptive towards gear bought within EU.

They have all the usual stuff + THX select, 7.1amp, DDPLIIx, automatic room calibration YPOA (mic incl), audio delay, firmware upgrades through RS232C port, full 7.1 pre-outs, composite/s-video upconversion to component quality, if u have all-in-one remote and u want the yamaha functions then all commands codes can be found on certain Yamaha websites including the software to transfer the codes I believe (www.avsforum.com is the best place to find this stuff).

But most important, good and powerful sound for both cinema and music, and getting very popular here and in Swedish forums, and immense popular at US www.avsforum.com

For more detailed info, I'm sure you will find a lot of info by searching here or avsforum, or others might input on this thread.


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