What amp to go with Dali Zensor speakers?


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I am planning on buying my first home cinema setup soon and at the moment I am looking at the Dali Zensor speakers.

I am not sure what amp to pair them up with though as I have read that Dali's sound are on the 'bright' side.
So that being said I assume I need a warm sounding amp to compliment them?
I know the denon amps are supposed to have a warm sound but what about Onkyo, Yamaha etc. Are they bright or warm sounding?

any help would be much appreciated guys



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Yamaha/Marantz are generally regarded as warm sounding and Onkyo/Sony/Pioneer as bright sounding. However, depending on your personal sound preference you may find something like an Onkyo may work well with the Dali speakers.
What is your budget for the amp/speakers?

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