What amp is best???

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im sorting out my sound system and i need some advice on what amp to buy. i am going all pioneer and so far i have... :-

TS-W3001D4 subwoofer (http://www.pioneer.co.uk/uk/products...1D4/index.html)

TS-A6904i 6x9 speakers (http://www.pioneer.co.uk/uk/products...04i/index.html)

DEH-P7000UB headunit (http://www.pioneer.co.uk/uk/products...0UB/index.html)

so what amp do i get that will give the best oputput for that set up?? preferably pioneer if pos. but if there is something for roughly the same price i am kl.

thanks to any replies :) :) :)


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I think this post would get more answers in the car audio section :smashin:


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Badger has point...:D

prodownhiller, you haven't mentioned a budget and what components you want to power, sub only, or 6x9s plus sub.

To start you off I'd use the headunit only to power the 6x9s plus any other full range speakers with LF crossover applied - not sure if your headunit has this feature.

Secondly, I wouldn't use a Pioneer amp for the sub, they just don't have real world muscle imo. Instead you might need go down the second hand route, I'd in particular be looking out for a Rockford Fosgate bd500 or bd1000 mono amp or something similar to power the sub at 2ohms - make sure you get the wiring correct on the dual 4 ohm sub.



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thanks for the replies badger and mi55ion.

mi55ion i dont really have a budget, so im easy with whatever. i just want the best sound out the bass and 6x9s really.

im thinking of getting door speakers as well because those can run of the amp hopefully.
or i could have the front speakers with the headunit and the amp powering the sub and 6x9s. the headunit im using has a link to the pioneer website on the first thread i put.

thanks again:)
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