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What Amp for QB69'S????????

Discussion in 'ICE, Sat Navs & Dash Cams Forum' started by Carter, Aug 22, 2005.

  1. Carter


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    Hi i have just bought some Vibe QB69's 2day i am about 2 buy an amp 2 connect these up to but i am confused as to which amp would be the best. I have a budget of about 150. the speakers are 200rms and have a peak of 400watts each. They are going to be fed from a Kenwood KDC-W7031 HU.

    Could you please give me your suggestions

    Also i am wondering where i could fit them as i don't really want to fit them to the parcel shelf as they would probably be stolen where i live. Is there anywhere else that i could fit them. The mounting depth is 110mm if that is any help!

    Please reply ASAP!!!!

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