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What am I doing wrong ?


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I have Proac 125's and a Proac CC1 center. I also have three Canton CD250's. I have been playing around for the last few days with both sets. They have both been used with a 309i sub, and levels have been set with a meter. They have all been set as small and cross overs of 80Hz. When I've tried the Cantons the bass from the sub has been audible, clear and precise. When I've tried the Proacs I dont really hear the bass from the sub. In fact I can turn it off and not hear any difference. I usually leave the sub on auto and again with the Proacs it doesn't seem to turn on during normal TV viewing as often as it does with the Cantons. I can't understand why there should be such a difference when all settings on the Amp are the same for both sets. Can anyone shed any light on why this is happening.


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Since the sub is working with rears, try looking at the subwoofer setup your AV amp/receiver.

You don't mention what type of AV amp/receiver/processor you are using, but for the (good) old days prior to auto setup (I'm not sure about auto setup), there was often a setting for the sub consisting of three choices; subwoofer, main or both (not necessarly those names). The interaction between the sub and the front left/right speakers is determined by the subwoofer setting, speaker settings and the cut-off frequency.

Both (to be used with large front left/right speakers) sends the LFE channel and all frequecies below the cut-off to the sub (and also all frequecies below the cut-off to the front left/right speakers as they are large).

Main (to be used with large front left/right speakers, where there is no sub) sends the LFE channel to the front left/right speakers (and all frequecies below the cut-off to the front left/right speakers as they are large).

Subwoofer (when used where all speakers are small) sends the LFE channel and all frequencies below the cut-off to the sub.

There's probably a variation on the above between manufacturers, but I'm guessing you need to set the sub control to subwoofer (or equivalent).

If you are still struggling, let me know what type of AV amp you have and I'll try and find a on-line user manual to look at (like they are the clearest, well-written documents ever:)).


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It's a Rotel 1067 so no auto set up. I'll check what you say but the only settings I have changed when trying the two sets of speakers is their levels with a meter. All other settings have been the same for both.

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