What am i doing wrong?? please help me somebody.....Laptop to Viera

Discussion in 'Plasma TVs Forum' started by lee-s, May 27, 2005.

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    Ok ive had my Viera for abt 6 months and thought i'd have another go at getting my laptop connected to it, again without any joy :mad:

    no idea what the fudge im doing wrong, can somebody just clarify what ive tried as right or wrong please!


    Dell laptop VGA out (nicked the lead from my desktop so i know its ok) to VGA in on the front of the Viera.

    control panel > display > settings > select monitor 2 (is this right??) > tick extend Windows onto this monitor > apply > advanced > then i run into probs... when i go into displays in advanced it only shows the monitor as an option but not the tv, is this the problem?? if so how can i enable it, if atall??

    initially i connected laptop to desktop screen to make sure all was ok, which it was... soooo took laptop into front room, connected Viera via the VGA lead, selected AV3/PC and NOTHING?!??

    what on earth am i doing (or not doing) wrong?

    ive done some searching and most ppl seem to just hook up the pc and away they go??

    ANY help would be a lifesaver!


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