what All in one has a host of inputs on it?


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Basically what all in one can i connect up a variety of components to?

I may want to buy a DVD-RW with HDD and would like to connect up all the outputs to experience full 5.1 surround. So would need something to suppor this.


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Hi no-one has responded!! I thought i'd add a little more info!

I'm after an all-in-one system. Its for my parents. They currently have my hi-fi seperates unit, but its too big and ugly! So it seems all-in-one is the way to go.

My main concern is upgradeability which is basically lost on all in one systems. I am not too concerned about sound technolgies moving forward as so long as what you hear is good to your ear, and the experience adaquate it should not matter all that much.

My main concern is inputs. If I want to buy a DVD recorder in the future, i want to plug in sky+, i want to plug in a PS3, I want to plug in a VCr etc etc will I have the inputs to do so?

Is there capability to plug in another DVD player in full surround mode.

It seems a lack of inputs is the major downfall in the case of many all in one systems.

I'm after one that avoids this problem.


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I guess the answer is that All In Ones are designed to be....erm....All In Ones ;), thus restricting the options for hooking up extra gear. They do exactly what they say on the tin :)

That said, there are good and bad - Dennon 500 or 550, for instance, is unlikely to be short of any connection you may desire (same for any other resonably high end machine, I would suggest).

Depends on your budget I suppose.

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