What age for own YouTube channel and social media?

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My ten year old has started making short videos on an old iPhone and is really enjoying doing it. He has access to TikTok which he has posted a few of these on and enjoys seeing people like them. He has now shown an interest in having his own YouTube channel to post these videos. At 10 I feel he is still a but young but at the same time he has done a great job editing the videos and enjoys learning how it works. He likes putting them online to see how popular they are And working to gain more views etc. I am a but conflicted if this is a good idea or not, great for him to learn new skills and encourage something he likes but I do not want him feeling an importance of likes etc or feeling down if there is any negativity from it all.

Any other parents on here who have faced the same issue. What’s your thoughts on this and on social media in general for young kids?


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Well they're already on one of the worst social media platforms for information gathering and people doing stupid stuff for views so YouTube should be a step up I'd certainly encourage to replace TikTok.

It's certainly a tricky one though and I don't envy you. My daughter is only 6 but I do worry about how we'll deal with social media when she's old enough as I really don't think it's great for people in general (and yes, I do use it myself albeit in limited ways).

What I would take as a bonus is that he is actually interested in doing something and getting a skill from it. If he's actually making videos and editing them in someway rather than just filming some stupid 10 second clip then I think that could be encouraged and if you can take that and move him over to YouTube which is generally more "grown up" than TikTok then it could be a good move.

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