What ADSL modem with the Airport Extreme


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Hi Guys

Just bought an Airport Extreme thinking it was a wireless enabled ADSL modem router. Of course I've just learned its a wireless rounter so I still need to get a ADSL modem to run with it, d'oh!
What modem are you guys running with the Airport Extreme? Or is there another all in one box whihc would be better sutied to my needs. Currently run a D-Link bu t need to reboot it ever day or so as it just seems to hang :(



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buy a cheapo modem router, run an ethernet cable from the modem router into the Airport Extreme.

MODEM ROUTER >> ----ethernet cable-----<<AIRPORT EXTREME



I'd be keen to learn if there is an ADSL modem made to complement the Airport Extreme Base Station (in terms of size, shape and style), in much the same way as you can get external drives to complement the mac mini. You could then stack the two neatly together.

Seems such a shame to get the AEBS and then have to stick a plasticy Netgear modem next to it. It also begs the question why Apple don't produce an AEBS with the modem built in, since their philosophy is normally one of simplicity and minimalism.



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Its easier for apple not to get bothered with different products for different markets and have to sell a dsl/adsl/cable versions - airport base stations have always been this way (apart from the option of a 56k modem built in to early 'ufo style' ones) ... besides its mainly UK interested in adsl - most of US uses cable ...



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I just used the one I got free with my ISP (Be). Works really well.


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We're using these Draytek Vigor 100s in conjunction with multi-WAN routers. Work excellently, and should work well with the Apple routers (pretty sure they support PPPoE).


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I just used the one I got free with my ISP (Be). Works really well.
Sorry to drag this thread up but I have this setup (Be (o2) modem/router with the Apple airport and it's recently started playing up.

It'll start by be not being able to access some sites, o2 seems to be the common one ironically. I know it's the modem/router as if I reset the Apple Airport the problem remains, only when I reboot the o2 box does everything return to normal.

Anyone else get this? Is there a fix?


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