What actually happened to Mission?

Discussion in 'Home Cinema Speakers' started by Grayman, Feb 5, 2009.

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    Ive heard different things about the demise - rebirth - demise of Mission as a speaker manufacturer.

    According to one person at Sevenoaks sound I spoke to they have gone out of business and no more mission speakers will be made. I know this almost happened a while ago and they were bought by IAG but I thought the buyout meant they were still in business?

    I remember them being really popular when I was a youngster (80's) which is why I really wanted some when I started getting "proper" speakers as an old man now, but they seemed to have had a slump, then a small resurgence, and now appear to be no more???

    From experience their recent speakers (M35i, E34's MVC ranges) are superb and up there with some of the better makes, but yet they dont seem to be well recommended or very well stocked by shops (possibly due to previous demise?), and they seem to be largely overlooked these days.

    Which ranges killed off the brand as such? or was it bad management that caused it? Also, anyone know if they are actually still going and will produce new ranges in the future?

    Be a pity if Mission are gone for good.
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