What accessories does the Toshiba 42WP16 plasma come with?

Jon Weaver

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I am seriously tempted by the Toshiba Plasma in Richer Sounds for £3000.

Can someone tell me what accessories you get?

I need a 'stand', so that I can put it on a flat surface and would really like some speakers, as I don't like using my Amp/Speakers for 'normal' viewing (i.e Eastenders, the News etc).

Can anyone tell me what I would get and where I would source the Stand and Speakers if they are not included.

Any info appreciated



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Well, you certainly don't get any stand or speakers in the basic package, unless you get a bundle deal.

I've got the Panny TH42PW4 (of which the Tosh is a rebadge of), and all you get is the RCA board, remote and manual. I did get a bundle though from LEConcepts though, and for £4k got the panel, pedestal stand and matching clip on speakers. The retail price for these items, I think, is a heck of a lot. I've seen £250 for the stand and £350 for the speakers!

For normal viewing, I use the plasma speakers. Who wants to watch Eastenders in surround anyway????

Steve Knott

Hi Jon

Are you sure you want a plasma - a friend of mine recently disuaded me from going down that path due to the limited lifespan of a plasma unit with pixel dropout, logo burn-in etc.

Who was it? let me think - I know it was YOU!!;)


Jon Weaver

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Hi Steve,

There is a slight difference between both our requirements.

I want a large screen home cinema solution..

You want a new TV... As you are in the 32-36" market, there is little point in considering a Plasma.. They are more expensive and don't offer the same features as a TV.

However, in my setup, all I need is a large screen.. I am happy(ish) with my 36" Philips, but i have a chance to upgrade it and I am seriously considering it (and living with the consiquences).

Still not sure about the 'cons' of a Plasma, and I am not sure if I can convince my missus that she will have to turn on the Hifi to listen to Eastenders and Corry.

But if I could get the proper speakers for a good price, I might be tempted.

tman. What are the speakers like (asthetically speaking)? Do they blend in well with the style of the TV or do they look like great big 'ears' sticking out the side?


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Actually the speakers are quite nicely done. Obviously they add to the width of the panel (about 3 inches either side). They also run down the full height of the panel, so fit in really well. They have spring-clip connecters, and Panasonic kindly provide you with a small (and I mean small!) amount of speaker cable to connect them up.

They are finished in the same (in my case) silver bezel colour, and although are only rated at 8w each, actually output a very nice sound. I normally leave mine set to 'surround' in the Panny configuration menu, which does enhance the soundstage quite well, to the point of *almost* giving you a virtual centre channel. Perfectly acceptable for normal TV listening.

As an individual item, I still think they are pricey though.

Jon Weaver

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Are you saying that you have the Panasonic Speakers and Toshiba TV?

I must admit that if I am going down the Plasma route, I still want speakers.

I understand that I (We) are on my/our own with this as all my colleague think that I should be using my Hifi for hte sound.. But for me, there is something just a bit strange watching Eastenders or listening to News in 'surround sound'.

I guess its personal preference.

I agree £300 for the speakers is madness and totally over the top.. But I guess that if you are spending £3000, whats an extra £300.

Can I ask about your thoughts on your Plasma.. What do you actually think about it as a 'main' TV.. Its obvious that for movies its going to be awsum, but what about daily use?


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The Tosh comes with the video connections, and that's it.

My local Richers quoted about £220 for the stand.

I'm tempted to put one upstairs for home cinema, with the 9607 downstairs for general use - more money than sense!

" I can resist anything except temptation" - Oscar Wilde.

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